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NEWS In Brief

VALVE: Buyers of Portal 2on PS3 will receive a code that allows them to install the game on PC. Cross-platform functionality has also been announced which lets PS3 and PC players to take part in matches together.

EA: Shift 2: Unleashedhas been dated. The racer will arrive on Friday, March 25th.

WARNER: The firm has teamed up with LEGO on a new DS adventure. LEGO Ninjago: The Videogame, developed by TT Games, will arrive in UK stores in spring.

SEGA: A boxed compilation of classic Dreamcast games hits shelves on February 25th for Xbox 360 and PC.

CLARIFICATION: Ex-ELSPA boss Roger Bennett was mistakenly omitted from MCV’s industry Honours roundup. He received an MBE in 2007.

PEGI: The rollout of the new PEGI video games

classification system will miss its April deadline and won’t be introduced until July at the very earliest.

NINTENDO: The latest DS Pokémonduo – Blackand White– will be released in the UK on March 4th.

Dance hit heads to Move and Kinect

Ubisoft’s Wii game Dance on Broadway moves to other platforms following success at retail by Dominic Sacco

UBISOFT is bringing one of its popular Wii dancing games to PlayStation Move and Kinect.

Dance on Broadwaywill be released on PS3 on March 18th, with a Kinect version also in the works. The title was originally released on Wii last summer following the huge success of Just Dance, which has now sold almost 5m copies worldwide to date. “Dance on Broadwayis scheduled for release for PS3 Move in early 2011,” Ubisoft brand manager Rachael Grant told MCV. “We have encountered great success with Dance on Broadwayon Wii – it has performed really well. “The PS3 Move version is scheduled for release with some great new game

Ubisoft is bringing Wii dancing games like Dance on Broadway to Move and Kinect

features and plenty of additional tracks.”

Several retailers are also advertising the Kinect version of Dance on Broadway, though the game hasn’t yet been officially announced.

“ by James Batchelor

GAME revamps of Back to the Futureand Jurassic Parkmay be download-only for now, but retail will get a look in eventually.


Bulletstorm Rift

LittleBigPlanet 2

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That’s the message from developer Telltale Games, the firm behind hit episodic games such as Sam and Maxand Monkey Island. The company last year signed a deal with Lace Mamba Global to bring its Tales of Monkey Island series to retail this March. And that’s a strategy the company hopes to continue with its future digital releases, which includes Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. “Telltale’s strategy has always been to take our

games to retail in as many markets that we can across the globe,” Telltale’s head of publishing James Lamorticelli told MCV. “Historically, we have released most of our brands at retail in varied territories and our intent is to continue to reach retail audiences with all of our future releases as well “Boxed product releases

are like the ‘end of season’ DVDs that TV shows get, and customers are acclimated to buying at retail.”

Lamorticellli also hopes to shorten the time gap between the firm’s digital and boxed releases. “Part of what we are trying to achieve is a shorter timeframe between when

our season ends digitally and when the entire pack hits store shelves,” he added. “We have recently been in discussions about testing new ways to reach our retail customers on multiple

channels when our digital season is still in process.” The first episode of Back to the Future: The Game debuted last month. Telltale Games: 001 415 258 1795

January 21st 2011 7

The Move edition will include some great new tracks and features. Rachael Grant, Ubisoft

GAME and Gameplay are among those retailers listing the title for a Q1 release with an RRP of £39.99. Dance on Broadway allows players to dance and act in a variety of classic Broadway musicals including Cabaret, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fameand The Lion King. It is one of many new dancing games on the way from Ubisoft. The company will launch its hit Wii and DS title Michael Jackson: The Experienceon Kinect and Move on April 18th. The game has already sold over 2m copies on Wii and DS, and the 360 and PS3 versions will feature all- new gameplay modes. Meanwhile, Dance Juniors – a Wii dancing game targeted at children – will hit shelves on February 4th. Ubisoft: 01932 578000

Back to the Future retail-bound

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