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enterprise solutions). Customer data is protected by ensuring that only

authorized users can access it. Customer’s administrators assign data security rules that determine which users can access their data. Models define company-wide defaults and data access based on a role hierarchy. All data is encrypted in transfer. All access is governed by strict password and security policies. All passwords are stored in MD-5 hash format. The application and modules are continually monitored for security violation attempts.

What’s meant by being ‘a good citizen among systems’?

I firmly believe that there is no one solution that can possibly be a one size fits all business problem solution. I believe there is a best in breed approach to meeting the needs of business problems with the right solution for the function required. Therefore, as an application provider, I make it a critical requirement to be interoperable and integratable with other best in breed solutions. As I stated earlier, these complementary business

solutions need to be able to work together, and given our open standards based APIs down to the field level of our business objects, we feel like we have made our application extremely flexible and useful as a tool that provides value to our customers system of systems (or system of best in breed applications) to run their operation. That is what I mean by being a good citizen.

What are application programming interfaces?

An application programming interface (API) is an interface implemented by a software program (application) which enables it to interact with other software programs (applications). An API is an abstraction that describes an interface for the interaction with a set of functions used by the components (objects) of a software system.

Could you give examples of specific solutions a customer might choose?

One of the greatest benefits of the ILS supply chain management products is their integration to ILSmart allowing customers to source, list and manage their parts and services all from one system. Whether you are a supplier, repair facility or an operator you can choose the solution set that works for your business.

ILS Inventory Management sm solution includes: providing a

facility to define parts and their relationships, tag and track all incoming/outgoing stock, plus full details on items, provide an ability to easily categorize items into specific lists for other solutions to use such as ordering as well as the ability to print item ID tags and labels with part summaries. It allows for reconciliation for physical stock alignment with recognized inventory in the system and a capability for cycle counting. The customer/supplier management capability tracks all the corporate details of your customers and suppliers as well as maintains catalogs, preferences, and discounts associated with them on a contract or campaign basis.

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The bar coding capability

supports the use of readers to track movement of parts throughout the supply chain. The document imaging capability allows scanning of documents and linking them to specific items as well as the ability to integrate with receiving and shipping of items. The ability to manage consignments is also available to track consigned inventory

and allow for definition of how to manage consignment sales. Material forecasting is built in to set optimum stock and reorder levels and may also be used to find excesses and shortages of inventory so that you can pro-actively analyze and take the best course of action for the business.

ILS Sales Management sm solution includes: sales functions

to quote and sell items, to document all sales details, it interacts seamlessly with ILS Inventory Management to manage the transaction, and the ability to print sales orders, acknowledgments and other required documents of sale. Advanced quotation functionality exists with enhanced quote creation capability, integration with customer requirements to search for suitable suppliers, and the ability to automatically create RFQs to document sales and POs. The invoicing functions interface with Sales, Work Order,

and Shipping to produce and invoice as well as being available to external financial software via accounting interfaces. The multi-currency function has the ability to quote, sell, and purchase in various currencies. The receiving capability controls the input of items into your inventory and the shipping capability ships and prints all the appropriate documentation including packing slip, traceability documents and certifications.

ILS Procurement Management sm solution includes: functions

to purchase items and services, track existing items sent to purchase repair services, the ability to purchase consigned items upon sale of item, and the ability to solicit/respond/print RFQs, POs, ROs (and other order types) and other associated documentation required to purchase an asset.

ILS MRO Management sm solution includes: work in

process management to track items through the repair process, advanced work order management to track and manage the repair of an asset, Return/Core/Exchange management to track all incoming and outgoing units, Teardown and Costing management tracks all the items removed during disassembly and the cost associated with items. Technical publications management provides the ability to manage technical manuals and other publications tied to assets and certification processes, and the ability to run predefined and custom reporting.

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