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I Heard a Rumour That…
Rumours, rumours, rumours, you’d have to have your head buried in the sand underwater not to hear a few when living Egypt’s hot spot
diving destinations.. To help us filter out some of the best and funniest community rumours stories, our resident gossip guru reports in
their own unique style straight from the divers’ mouth
Let’s take Camels, or in our case in Egypt, dromedaries. Rumours are often spread that camels/dromedaries are dumb, no personality, and
have no idea about life as we know it. So I’ve lived with camels (well not exactly lived) but I mean they have been around me for the last 15
years. I like them, even if people call them a lolloping lump of dumb, smelly, spitting, (sadly, I can pair that description with a few people I have
met in life) ugly desert animal. I ride them at any chance I can and recently when I went on a star gazing excursion with a friend’s family at Wadi
Mandar. I melted in with the holiday makers on a short amble on a camel led by a Bedouin who happened to be deaf and dumb. I stopped my
usual chattering and enjoyed the perfect, quiet, back to nature spirit, with an unobtrusive view of our amazing untouched surroundings.
A few years ago I joined a camel diving safari. The camels carried all including the scuba tanks and we slept overnight at Ras Abu Galoum,
with Bedouins building the tents and providing food cooked over an open fire. Lovely. Before retiring to bed, I was disappointed and voiced
my concerns in a typical naïve English way (exaggerated by a few glasses of wine) as to why my camel (I named him Clive) had to be tethered
on a chain while we slept. I must know best as an animal lover – surely? The Bedouin guides assured me in a kindly way and without a hint
of sarcasm that it really was for the best, nevertheless to appease me, chained Clive not too far away from my tent. I was happy and they also
were happy, laughing in fact.
Very early the next morning before the sun had risen I realised why the laughs. I was awakened by a snuffling and slightly spitting slobbering
nose pushing into my tent, directing it’s attention towards my innocently sleeping head, with the intent of getting to know me better. Well,
only in these kind of circumstances and only these, I find I have no voice, the mouth opens and no sound comes out. Our guide Ramadan was
there before I knew it and Clive was duly taken off with no harm caused. I was a bit sheepish and apologised to Ramadan for casting doubt on
his vast knowledge. I had the hump and was not talking to Clive anymore.
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