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Letter from the Editor
New Year’s resolutions anyone? Let’s see…healthy eating, lots of
exercise and quitting bad habits? Oh, yeah, the old ‘lucky if they get to
see February’ choices.
To balance the chances of actually lasting on resolutions, I tend to use
the trick of adding a couple of fun ones. Usually targets for underwater
As a shark fanatic, I’m fairly predictable in this. For 2010, a silky shark
would do nicely thanks. And if the powers that be in the universe are
listening in: I quite fancy some more hammerhead schools cruising
around me and maybe some more mantas? Well, I’m feeling lucky, and
surely it’s as much about being positive as it is hanging out in the blue
like a possessed pelagic stalker.
ogerson Of course, it helps to be a Red Sea diver when you make such high
hitting demands of the underwater encounter wish-granters. And
with so many out there working hard to preserve our unique marine
environment, the odds of seeing amazing creatures remain high (see
o: Simon R
Green Team, page 14).
Shark fishing, thankfully, is banned in Egyptian waters, unlike in those
places witnessing a dramatic demise in elasmobranch populations.
4 letter from the chairman
Other parts of the world are, however, starting to wake up to the fact
sharks are worth more alive than in a bowl of soup. New conservation
6 news
research has just been published to prove it, with staggering figures.
14 green team:
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia researchers estimate a whopping
Do good for Dugongs
25 per cent of visitor’s expenditure in Great Barrier Reef destinations,
16 red sea Wrecks
such as Cairns and Port Douglas, go towards the opportunity to see a
shark. That’s a lot of tourist dollar.
Insiders Wreck Guide: The Numidia
‘A guaranteed shark sighting is worth its weight in gold to the tourism
20 talking tech
industry,’ says WWF Australia spokesman Nick Heath, who has rightly
called for greater protection of sharks against over-fishing.
Fit to tech dive?
So, with this in mind, please don’t hold back in adding such amazing
21 dive in: Centres of excellence creatures to your encounter resolutions. To help, Issue Four of BLUE
is full of inspiration to whet your appetite for some top 2010 Red Sea
red sea life: I should be so lucky
28 competition:
To test how lucky some get in Red Sea waters, we talk guides who have
Win a liveaboard with Sea Queen Fleet
some jaw-dropping moments in 2009, page 24. Experienced guide
Chris Gooda finds out what treats await divers at night (Red Sea Life,
29 My scene: Exploring Cairo
page 4) If you are more an avid macro hunter, then check out Maria
Munn’s Class Shot top tips on shooting the small stuff, page 2 More of
30 Freediver Focus
a metal head? Then don’t miss John Kean’s tour of the Numidia in the
The lows and lowers of competitive freediving
latest Insider’s Wreck Guide, page 16.
32 class shot:
Those of you still distracted by thoughts of a healthy 2010 will find
Shooting macro
inspiration from competitive freedivers’ stories in Freediver Focus,
34 red sea life: From dusk ‘til dawn
page 0. In Talking Tech Cath Bates finds out why some diving doctors
are calling for tougher health screens for technical divers, page 20. For
36 snorkel site: El Gouna
quitting bad habits, don’t miss Dr Anke’s shocking revelations about
38 sail away: One with the Universe
the little-known effects of smoking and diving, page 44. And there’s a
load more inside to get your festive teeth into.
40 community chat
So, Happy New Year diving and best of Red Sea luck …I’m off to find
42 destination report: Sharm el Sheikh
me a silky.
44 health Matters
No smoke without damage
45 cdWs member listings
Charlotte Boan
Editor, BLUE
Front cover image: Simon Rogerson
Issue 4 January - February ‘10 
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