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cdWs Members general assembly
CDWS members gathered together at the General Assembly The CDWS Technical Committee has so far pursued 144
in Sharm el Sheikh on 6 December to discuss present issues, investigations, which included complaints and technical violations
challenges and future plans together with the board of the CDWS reported by members and tourists. Other on-going projects for the
and Ministry of Tourism (MoT) representatives. Technical Committee, said Mr Bassel, included the development of
safer areas for divers where there is heavy surface traffic. Together
Chairman Hesham Gabr opened proceedings, outlining the major
with the Ras Mohammed National Park and headed by CDWS
focus of the work of the CDWS and how the organisation needs
volunteer Rolf Schmidt, the popular site of Ras Katy in Sharm el
more full time staff to deliver a greater service to its members. Mr
Sheikh will see the start of a number of trials to zone off diving and
Gabr. said he had put forward a proposal to the Egyptian tourism
boat traffic areas.
minister to secure funding for more staff and projects for the next
five years, calling the existing structure unsustainable. ‘If it works well, we will move the project to different sites,’ Mr
ElBassel told the delegation.
CDWS has held 10 meetings with government officials of various
levels in its efforts for the diving and watersports industry, he CDWS financial auditor Mohamed Abdel Kerim Fekry presented
added. the financial report for the year, running from beginning of July
2008 to 0 June 2009. Full reports, covering all CDWS financial
Board member Omar Adly talked of the on-going schemes to
details for this period, were made available to all members in
increase skills and knowledge of individuals working in the diving
and watersports industry, such as skippers and compressor
operators. Votes on bylaws of the CDWS saw the majority of CDWS members
– 74 out of the 76 in attendance (one member abstaining and
The head of the CDWS Technical Committee, Zeyad ElBassel
another incorrectly marking the ballot) - agreeing to:
said he was pleased to announce that the CDWS had earned
permanent membership in the European Underwater Federation * Accept the financial report presented to members.
(EUF). Following the assessment of auditors working in Egypt, the
EUF has proposed that CDWS helps in the training of auditors of
*Accept the current bylaws of the CDWS
other countries, including Malta, Cyprus and the Philippines. The * Agree to changes in the financial procedures. These would help
CDWS has also been requested to take responsibility for auditing prevent delays in CDWS transactions, such as the distribution of
dive centres throughout the Middle East. cheques.
new isos for 2010
Photo Svendsen (Ocean College)
Details of new standards for snorkel service providers and snorkel guide training
requirements created by the CDWS are set to be introduced after being accepted by
the member countries of the International Standard Organisation (ISO). Following
a series of minor changes to drafts, these are expected to become official standards
by May 2010.
The November meeting of ISO representatives in Orlando, Florida in November 2009
also covered the first draft for standards and training requirement for gas blenders,
which was prepared by members from Finland, Germany, Austria and England and
training agency representatives of VDST, NAUI, PADI and TDI.
Issue 4 January - February ‘10
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