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Charlotte Boan
Mary Gleeson
Cath Bates, Sara Campbell, Dr Anke Fabian, Carrol Flowers,
Chris Gooda. Maria Munn, John Kean, Brendan O’Brien,
Letter from the Chairman...
published by:
Dear readers.
Chamber of Diving and Watersports (Egypt)
For enquiries call 00 20 12 09 8576
Looking back at the last 12 months, we have seen many changes for
the better to the diving and watersports industry throughout Egypt.
Over the last year, I and other representatives of the CDWS have had
more than 10 meetings with government officials, governing bodies
and other organisations to speak for the interests of the diving and
watersports industry.
I am delighted to reveal that the number of diving accidents recorded
Chris Gooda
throughout the whole of Egypt has dropped 27 per cent on previous
Chris Gooda, 28, is a freelance
years. This times with the completion of the first CDWS audits to ensure
all dive centres and safari boats operating in Egypt meet ISO standards.
dive guide and instructor based in
Hurghada, where he has lived and
The CDWS has seen the EUF certification of 14 diving centres out
worked for nearly three years. A
of 161 in South Sinai; 155 dive centres out of 17 in the Red Sea
diver for eight years, he has logged
Governorate; and 127 safari boat operations. The CDWS Technical
more than 2,000 dives in the UK,
Committee has so far pursued 144 investigations, which included
Maldives, Eastern USA, Italy and
complaints, technical violations reported by members and from tourists.
the Red Sea. While working in the
The second phase of auditing has already begun for 2010. CDWS
dugong hotspot of Marsa Alam,
auditors are working hard to ensure our diving and watersports Chris became interested in Red Sea
industry meets internationally recognised standards. Despite our need ecology and has since developed a
for increased staff, we have been highly commended for our efforts series of presentations to provide
guides and guests with more information about the marine
The CDWS has now earned permanent membership in the European
environment. ‘The Red Sea offers some of the most diverse diving
Underwater Federation (EUF). Following the assessment of auditors
in the world, whether it is macro life in Nuweiba or pelagic on the
working in Egypt, the EUF has also proposed that CDWS helps in the
Brother Islands, but still has the ability to surprise,’ he says. ‘Add
training of auditors of other countries, including Malta, Cyprus and the
the friendly diving community, and the Red Sea becomes a really
special place to live and work.’ Read Chris’ guide to night diving
on page 4.
CDWS is also overseeing a continuing of training of those in the
industry who provide necessary support for diving and watersports,
Sara Campbell
such as boat skippers, drivers, equipment and cylinder handlers and
World-class freediver Sara
many more. Safety is paramount and increasing knowledge and skill
Campbell, 7, moved to the
level across the board promotes this.
Red Sea leaving behind the
Conservation remains a high priority for us and we continue to support corporate public relations
efforts to tackle illegal fishing and to work with CDWS volunteers and scene in London, UK in
official bodies, such as the national park authorities to help preserve
2005. A few years later Sara
and protect our precious environment. If you or your centre is willing to
learned to freedive and hit
support important projects, please contact us and let us know. We need
the freediving scene like a
your help (email:
whirlwind back in 2007. She
We can’t change everything overnight. It will take time to get exactly
smashed three national records within 12 months of taking up
where we want to be. However, the objectives already met demonstrate
the sport before going on a few years later to become the first
our commitment to not only make the Red Sea the best place to dive in ever woman to reach 90m using only the propulsion of a monofin
the world, but also the safest. and one breath of air. Affectionately known as ‘Mighty Mouse’,
being the smallest freediver on the circuit at a height of 4ft 11in,
Happy and safe diving
Sara trains freedivers and also teaches yoga in Dahab when not
competing. Her amazing achievements are a constant marvel to
those in and around the sport. In Freediver Focus this month, she
Hesham Gabr
reports from the December World Championships in the Bahamas
Chairman of the Chamber of Diving and Watersports
to give us an insight on the hard fought journey to go deeper
than the rest, see page 0.
Issue 4 January - February ‘10
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