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Was Facebook responsible for Donald Trump? And did it actually invent “Fake News”?


One of the worst kept secrets in the world is that Steve was actually in Musical Youth! Alledgedly...


by the very kind people at Facebook, but again these will only appear on your news feed if they contain “meaningful interactions between people” - that pretty much rules out anything to do with fishing then! Basically, in black and white, this is the score: “If you are not investing in Facebook ads, Facebook will not help grow your business.” And it’s not cheap either, you may

well ‘reach’ 4,000 users, but to do that with new keyword pricing will cost a pretty packet. It’s not like the old days when a 100,000 reach was a tenner.

But when you have ‘reached’ them, do they buy?

“No” is the answer. I run a very tech-savvy business, and have done for a long time. My facebook spend is nil, and the amount of time spent on it is minimal.

I have been monitoring Facebook’s testing of its most recent algorithm changes and I can see that this will lead to more manufacturers and shops having to put some more points on the bottom line, and make a new purse for marketing; something that may appear quite alien to millennial and snowflake babies. You could of course advertise in


paper, the old style way, which believe it or not is on the rise since the advent of fake news, why is that? Fake news? Well in the good old USA, the same village that the Facebook comes from, sales of magazines and print media are actually on their way back up, simply because you cannot believe everything you read on the tinter web. They are heading back to places that are accountable for libel damages, because, if it’s in print, it must be true, right? (editor’s note – correct!) I’ll tell you how bad Facebook is, and how people will believe anything… I got away with being in the band Musical Youth for years, and I have even been introduced as the guy that wrote “Rock Me Amadeus” just because I put it on Facebook! I had messages from colleagues months after saying “you fibber you weren’t in Musical Youth, I just Googled it.” As the late David Hall said, bullshit baffles brains! People believe what they read in print media. I would not have got away with it in print. In fact I am sure Falco would have had me in court.

People also have an affinity with print, a kind of romantic one. After all, they have parted with cash, and gone through the seemingly archaic act of handing over monies at a till! Marketing has changed, none of us can deny that. I have always said if you have a degree in marketing from anytime before 2005 you might as well have had one in coal mining! Whatever is going to happen in the

future, the one thing that worries me is that some spotty arsed American kid has somehow managed to get my back up, and get every single business in the land talking, and almost begging to him!

One thing I did learn from this is that out of 56,532 people I polled about Facebook and its advertising was that 66 per cent of them (all anglers) were actually repulsed by guerrilla branding exercises and forced branding! I was right all along, I called this in 2006 and I am now allowed to wear my winning face when anyone mentions the words “soshull meeeja” - and I will!

Sick to the back teeth of social media, or is it necessity for your business? We’d love to hear your views on this controversial subject. Whether you agree or disagree, please drop us a line at: February 2018 | Tackle & Guns | 55

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