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Praise for Dreamland Margate I

Praise for Dr eamland Mar

n the UK, a new government report has praised DreamlandMargate for its role in the successful regeneration of the seaside town – but the next steps are to turn coastal communities into year-round destinations, says the attraction.

Dreamland was one of several locations visited by the House of Lords Select Committee on Regenerating Seaside Towns for their report on The Future of Seaside Towns, released on Thursday 4th April.

Margate was held up as a positive example of

coastal regeneration, with Dreamland singled out as one of the most notable examples of success.

CEO Eddie Kemsley welcomed the findings of the report: “Margate remains a benchmark for other seaside towns in terms of what collaborative, arts and leisure-led regeneration can achieve, and we are extremely proud to be part of the story.We welcome this report and the

acknowledgement of DreamlandMargate’s impact on the district’s growth and success.

“There is still work to be done and there pressure facing local authorities. The onus i

s on private is a lot of

sector partners like us to forge partnerships and work with the public sector, local businesses and the

education sector to ensure our town has a year-round offer for both visitors and residents.

“Seaside towns cannot focus only on the summer peaks – there must be a year-round offer. This is the goal for Dreamland, as we work towards a full 12month offer with numerous events planned throughout the year plus our award-winning Halloween event, Screamland, and a brand new Christmas event planned for 2019.

“We’ve also just hired 200 seasonal staff to support our summer season and with our increased events offer , we hope to keep providing more job opportunities

invested in their town conversations and ini gentrifyfy.We must als “InMargate, it is i throughout the year.

place in it.”

Jora Vision creates wine experience for Hameau Duboeuf

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park named ‘Best Theme Park’ elevating the standard of what a

The Legacy Entertainment-designed Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park was named ‘Best Theme Park’ at the 2019 China Cultural & Tourism Development Conference (CAAPA

PA), which was

recently held in Beijing. The park won a PA for

‘Ferris’ Award from the CAAPA

‘Best Theme Park’ for its scale, theming, y, and high construction standards. Since its opening on November 16, 2018, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park has been dedicated to flagship tourism product


s with rich presenting

content, novel display forms, high technology content, experience and interaction, and wonderful

performances. The park’s theme is “Love as a Happy Ocean Journey.” Taylor Jeffs, president and chief

Haichang, we all share said, “Working with the


creative officer of Legacy Entertainment, team at

d the goal of

domestic Chinese theme park could be – and this award is a testament to our partner’s commitment to that vision.We hope this recognition will inspire others to reach for the same standard of animal care and guest experience that Haichang has achieved in Shanghai.

“In addition to the amazing sea animals displayed there, the park also has a great Intamin launch roller coaster aimed at families, and the world’s longest rapids ride, which is really neat. There’s a train ride, there is an aerial skyway gondola ride, and there a variety of other family rides as well. So overall, Sh Ocean Park is muc

h more than just a anghai Haichang

sea life park – it’s a highly dynamic venue offering multiple interactive adventures and experiences.”

A new immersive attraction in Hameau Duboeuf, Europe’s largest wine museum is now open. Designed and built by Dutch company Jora Vision, this one-of-a-kind attraction, sees visitors being transported through 2000 years of wine history in the Beaujolai region. Taking place in a wineTaking place in a wine cellar with visitors seated on benches, the ies com

g y Beaujolai region. Ta

cellar with visitors seated on benches, t stories come to life all around the room thanks to the combination of large projection screens integrated within the show sets and video projection mapping ontopoftthese show setsts.

me to lifefe all around the r s to the combination of large

ojection screens intetegrated within t w sets and video projection mapping on top of these show sets. The ‘M

“The ‘Mon Beaujolais’ show is Mon Beaujolais’ show is

another e ample of our k y s ategy of eating c

her example of our key strategy of creating customised immersive ienc

cus omised immer experiences for theme parks, museums, ces for theme par s, museums,

Diversity’s Jordan and Perri go topsy-turvy for newew ride at The Legoland Windsor Resort

Diversity ty’s Jordan and Perri go topsy y--turvy

or new ride at The LegolandWindsor Resor The brand-new Haunted House Monster Party ride at the

LEGOLANDWindsor Resort was given its official topsy-turvy ‘seal of approval’ by Diversity stars Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely ahead of its grand opening on 13 April.

The dancing duo – who are no strangers to spending time flipped upside down as part of their impressive dance careers – were invited down to the Resort to get a sneak peek of the new ride, which will surprise ride-goers with a special magic trick to make them feel like they’ve been spun upside down .

APRIL 20 APRIL 2019 y

zoos, family entertainment centres and tourist attractions” said Jan Maarten de Raad, CEO of Jora Vision. “The last couple of years we have been focussing on design-build projects which tell an interesting cultural story, such as the new ‘Young Rembrandt’ experience in the city of Leiden, the ‘Bazyliszek’ dark de in Legendia and the ‘Los Piratas de Bacalar’ attraction in Mexico.W e e cited to see more and mor ents showing inter

g w‘Young R w o , ’ e ience in

the city of Leiden, the ‘Bazyliszek’ dar rriide in Legendia and the ‘Los Piratas de Bacalar’ attraction in Mexico. We are excited to see more and more clients showing interestt in our services of design, project management and manufacturing of this type of cus actions and we are conf

‘Mo exa

design, project management and manufacturing of this type of custom attrractions and we are confident ‘Mon Beaujolais’ is a spectacular example of this!”

clie of d

on Beaujolais’ is a spectacular ample of t

in our ser mportant that we regenerate not

tiatives, so the next generation feel o include tertiary education in

’s future – and feel they have a

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