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The Europa-Park Arena was completed in spring 2017 and is available next to the Europa-Park Dome for major events. With an area of around 3,000 square metres, the multifunctional hall allows for events with unexpected dimensions. “Up to 5,000 guests can experience magical moments here,” says Roland.

The Voletarium flying theatre opened in June 7 “The largest flying theatre in Europe takes its passengers to the most beautiful and fascinating places on the continent. In addition,MackMedia presents ‘Happy Family’, the first feature-length production. Starting in August, the film brings the adventures of theWüns chmann family to cinemas first nationwide, and later around the world in more than 60 other cou 2018 was dedicated


France” he adds. “After extensive modernisation, our guests can look forward to a redesigned French themed area. In the centre there is the silver sphere, housing a world classic rollercoaster fun i

n the dark and an exciting first: inside there is both

ride with the Eurosat - CanCan Coaster or an innovative virtual reality experience and a futuristic trip with Eurosat Coasti ality.”

Be yond Europa-P ark ond Europa-Park As a leading manufacturer and an operator, theMack

Group continues to drive innovation throughout the industry and its influence is vast. “[Being a manufacturer and

operator] puts us in a unique position because we know both sides,” say Roland. “We are the only family in the world that is a producer of rides and an operator of a park. This gives us the opportunity to test our newest rides fromMack Rides first in Europa-Park and get a feed-back from our guests. If there are things to improve, the official channel to solve the problem with the engineers is very short These are all main factors that help us to be very innovative. To this day, Europa-Park isMack Rides’ show floor.”

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MackMedia andMack Animation are also creating waves. This arm of the business, says Roland “opens new possibilities in the digital area and we are able to spread the spectacular world of Europa-Park over its boarders.With the work ofMackMedia andMack Animation our visitors have more ways to experience the content – in the park and all

Asked what influence over the world.”

he thinks theMack Family business

has had on the industr y as a whole, Roland says: “The mix o f several rides for young and old, detailed theming and excellent gastronomy are our greatest strength. In addition, we are the world's largest entertainment park with 23 hours of show programme every day.We offer amusement for the whole family and try to present something new to our visitors every year.

“We are constantly expanding and improving our

entertainment and are always on the lookout for new ideas and impulses.We are pursuing a policy of continuous expansion. Satisfied guests is one of the most important success factors in the lei sure industry. Because of that it is very important for us to focus on quality and innovation at the moment and in the future. Our guests only deserve the best and that is exactly what

planned for the coming Looking to the future,


years: alongside the optimisation o f Roland says: “We have a lot they get from us.”

existing facilities, this primar creation of new attractions

and themed areas, as well as the ily means continual growth and

Being a Being a

manufacturer and an oper puts us in a

because we

and an operator puts us in a

unique position because w

ue position know both sidesw both sides

successful opening of the new waterworld ‘Rulantica’. An elaborate Nordic theme and 25 exciting water attractions will soon guarantee an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. An essential part of the gigantic resort extension is the ‘Krønasår - TheMuseum-Hotel’. The stylish Scandinavian style accommodation is modelled after a natural history museum. While ‘Rulantica’ will be completed by the end of 2019, close-by ‘Krønasår’ will be opening its doors in spring.” There are a lot of new attractions to discover at Europa Park this season too: In the Dome of Dreams in the Greek themed area, ‘Mission Astronaut’ is a new adventure. “In the captivating 360-degree film, astronauts Alexander Gerst and Thomas Pesquet explain how to prepare for life as an the Sojus space shuttle felt and S. Our 4DMagic Cinema also 12-minute animated film ‘Chaos in and.

how it was to live on the IS astronaut, how the flight of

Wonderland 4D’,” says Rol featuresMack Animation s

He continues: “A special highlight for this spring is the opening of the Scandinavian themed area.” Starting in the summer, children will also be able to enjoy plenty of game s, fun and shows with the Europa-Park characters in the new Europa-Park JUNIOR CLUB Studio in the Dutch themed area. In addition to building theMack family business, Roland has always contributed heavily to the industry. Asked if there

campaigned for or helped have been any changes in


oversee, he says: “My time as particular that he has

chairman of IAAPA was very interesting and educational. During that time I had the opportunity to discuss security, one of my biggest concerns in the daily life as park operator, with the most important people of the industry. It’s a great honour that the other IAAPA mem bers allowed me to get this amazing experience and I am very thankful for it.” Rooted in tradition but always looking to the future, the Mack family have their collective finger firmly on the pulse of the attractions industry - much to the delight of guests an d parks worldwide.


to “our beloved neighbour ntries,” says Roland.

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