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these new facilities range substantially in size and scope. Keeping with the overwhelming trend, most of the 2018 openings were municipal facilities, and more than half were in the South where this is a more favorable operating season due to better weather conditions .

• The Otter Co-op Outdoor Experience in Langley, British Columbia, is the sole Canadian property to open.

• Cactus SpringsWaterpark at Funtasticks Family Fun Park in Tucson, Arizona; Rigby’sWaterWorld inWarner Robins, Georgia; andMaui Jack’s in Chincoteague Island, Virginia are the three new privately-owned standalone outdoor waterparks to open in 2018.

Resorts with OutdoorWaterparks Openings: Four hotels and resorts debuted outdoor waterparks. Resorts with outdoor waterparks represent the smallest expanded segment, which is a trend likely to continue in 201 9 and beyond .

Projections for 2019 Projections for 20

For 2019, we will see growth across all segments of the waterpark market with the opening of 33 facilities.We also anticipate expansion of almost 20 existing facilities. Regionally, the South leads the U.S with 15 projected rity of these in Florida or Te

West andMidwest eac openings, with the majo

h expect seven openings, while the Texas. The

Northeast will see three and Canada (not mapped) will have one.

Though 2019 will see a greater increase in total resort waterpark area, fewer new resort rooms are planned. Fourteen standalone indoor waterparks and indoor waterpark resort expansions or new builds will contribute 609,200 square feet of waterpark space and nearly 1,000 new rooms.

Greater increases are projected in outdoor waterparks (including resorts with outdoor waterparks), which comprise 77% of the U.S. and Canadian supply. This year, 24 outdoor waterparks will be added to the supply.While most of these are municipally-owned facilities, the largest new parks are private ventures.

Several privately-owned ventures include The Big Rivers Waterpark in Caney, Te

Texas; Tidal CoveWaterpark at the

JWMarriottMiami Turnberry Resort and Spa; and the H2O Live!Waterpark at theMargaritaville Resort Orlando i n Kissimmee, Florida .

waterpar k s continue to expand their attr action mix Conclusion Conclusion

Water park de v elopment continues in select mark e ts in the U nited St at es and Canada with de velopment cos ts for bo t h indoor and outdoor waterpar ks increasing as dev elopers try t o enhance the q uality and attr action mix of their f acilities. The ne w DreamWor k s indoor water park at the Meado w lands in N ew Jer se y will raise t he bar on new water park de velopments as it will be the fir st ma jor indoor water park to ha v e a movie compan y par tner ship and t heming. It will also become the largest indoor water par k in t he U nited St ates. Pricing for well- designed waterpar k s in pr ime locations is increasing; although for e xisting par k s, it is gr o wing at closer t o inf lationary lev els.

N umer ous outdoor water park facilities ar e being added at bo t h municipal f acilities and priv ate v enues. These typicall y seasonal facilities pr ovide added summertime r ecreation for gues ts and enhance a municipality’s r ecreational off er ings. The suppliers of


off er ings in what is incr easing l y a g lobal mix of com panies. The y ear ahead will continue with modest gro wth seen pre viousl y but will also bring more inno v ation and progress for the industr y.Waterpar k s continue to gr o w and evolv e, making it an e x citing time f or the industr y . As alwa ys, H&L A continues to st ay abr eas t of all the ne w additions and c hang es happening in t his dynamic industr y.

David J. Sangree,MAI, CPA PA, ISHC, is pres (H&LA), an international hospitality consulti

ng firm specialising in appraisals, ident of Hotel & Leisure Advisors

feasibility studies, impact analyses, economic impact studies, and litigation support for the lodging and leisure industries. Sangree is a nationally recognised expert on waterpark resorts and has completed more than 600 studies of indoor and outdoor waterparks. He was named one of Aquatics InternationalMagazine’s “2019 Power People” and received the Executive Board Award from theWorldWaterpark Association in 2016. He has appeared on GoodMorning America and CNBC and has written articles for numerous publications. He can be reached at 216-810-5800 or m


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