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you have any newrides or experiences opening in 20 9? Tell me about these. Just lik e I announced at the last press conf erence of the pr e vious season, we ha v e planned the

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cons tr uction of the bigg est wooden roller coas ter in the w orld. W e will definit ely mak e good on t hat promise. We anticipated the com ple tion of t his attraction for t he 2020 season, but if we manage to mak e it happen sooner than that, w e will definitel y mak e it kno wn on our social media channels.


You ha e two t ent sho

amphitheatres - tell me about t different shows you put on ts you put on t here? h are the most popular?

ou have two theatres and tw es - tell me about t he

es and tw o Which are the most popular?

Our circus sho w s will make your tummy ache fr om laught er , and our t alented acr obats will amaze you with their skills!

Please join us at the Energylandia’s Egypt Theatre for the “Happy Circus” show that your whole family will love! Performances at 12:00, 12:30 and 1:00 pm. Warning: laughing could be contagious!

The script is not always needed and you can see why watching “It’s Show Time”. Knife-throwing and other tricks can be seen at 3:00 and 3:45 pm. We bring you an artist whose bones are made of rubber, theWorld Champion in Freestyle Basketball and other professional jugglers and acrobats. Just come to our Egypt Theatre and see for yourself! Energylandia is way more than just awesome


tricks combined with phenomenal choreography. The Prince ofMagic show can be seen at 4:00 pm, 4:30 pm, and 5:00 pm.


Have you already metMathilda the Parrot? She is the queen of a pirate ship about to embark on a crazy adventure! Run straight to the Colosseo Theatre to enjoy the “Pirate Adventure” at 11:30 am, 12:10 pm and 12:50 pm.

romantic comedy titled “TheWestern Show”. Beautiful dancers performing the Can-can, hat juggling, and acrobatics combined with pole dance... You can’t miss this! Performances at 2:30 pm, 3:00 pm, and 5 pm. The Colosseo Theatre will amaze you with the showcase of the greate st hits of world-class illusio n

All children and their guardians are invited to join us Wonderland” show at the Colosseo Theatre! Our little friends: Energus, Sisi, Leos and Bartus have dreamed up the most wonderful amusement park. You can meet them at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Let us take you to theWildWest thanks to the We

for the “Wo Yo

What do ha v e planned in t erms of seasonal e ents this y

What do ha e planned in terms of seasonal events this year?

This season Energylandia makes a big come-back to the idea of music festivals that we organised in 2015 and 2016. Here is our event schedule: s


• 90’ Superstars Festival (featuring: Fun Factory, Dr. Alban, FaceMeets Voice ofMilli Vanilli, Ace of Base feat. Jenny Berggren, Layzee a.k.aMr. President • 80’s Superstars Festival (featuring: Francesco Napoli, Bad Boys Blue, Sandra, Savage)

• Disco Polo Festival (featuring the biggest stars of Polish popular music)

• Hip-Hop Festival (line-up coming soon)

• Giganci Sceny Festival (featuring the greatest stars of Polish rock and pop music)

• Kings Of Hardstyle (line-up coming soon) • Energyland EDMFestival (line-up coming soon )

The park boasts 20 interactiv games and a 7 D cinema. Ho important is it that parks of er more than just rides - and why? It’s always great to win something, isn’t it? Just like every amusement park has its own classic, Vienna-style carousel, they all need to have a game arcade where shoot something or fish somethi

The park boasts 20 interactive ames and a 7 D cinema. How important is it that parks offer more than just rides - andwhy?


ng out. It’s just you can

good fun and makes for great memories . Tell me about your food

ell me about your f

and accommodation offer? Energylandia boasts 40 different food establishments, including five restaurant s

and accommodation of 26

with various cuisines (one of them is dedicated solely to serving tour groups).We aim to offer fresh and diverse food so that everyone can find something they like.We plan to build a 4-star hotel on our premises, but there is already accommodation available at theWestern Camp Resort which is a Wild,WildWest-themed place located near our Park. Our Guests love their 4 bed teepee tents or cowboy wagons. There are also 4- and 6-bed bungalows available .

Ho w has the indus tr y - and what guests are looking for - changed since you first opened and why?

w has the indus y - and what ts ar e looking f or - c

ou fir s t opened and wh

We are the first real amusement park in Poland. Our biggest competition is the German Heide Park; however, it is located a fair distance away from us. As a pioneer, we had to create the need for such a new pastime in Poland; 5 years ago this was

something unheard of in our country. Considering the constantly increasing number of Guests, we can say we’ve achieved success. Just last season we were visited by an astonishing 1.5 million Guests .

How do you see the park de eloping over the next fewyears?

Howdo you see the park developing er the next f w years?

How do we see our park growing in the next few years?We will definitely continue to amaze our guests, taking into account the fact that over the last four years we’ve become the fastest growing amusement park in the world. In 2015 alone we brought in three different roller coasters a year later we acquired the innovative Formula Coaster with the magnetic ejection system. In 2017 we built the tallest SpeedWater Coaster in the world, and in 2018 we premiered the biggestMega Coaster in Europe. I know that the future has even more in store for us .

, APRIL 20 APRIL 2019 ed since

Do you ha e any new rides or experiences opening in 2019? T ellme about these.

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