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It’s got the ‘wow’ factor

It’s got the ‘w ow’ fa ctor

PortAventuraWorld invited ParkWorld its 2019 opening ceremony earlier this month, demonstrating why it is one of the best family leisure destinations in Europe.

he park was celebrating a selection of new attractions and experiences for the year ahead, including StreetMission, its new and exciting Sesame Strereet dark ride, the new Hotel Colorado Creek and the expansion of the Convention Centre. The new additions, it said, consolidated the resorts offer of world-class leisure and family entertainment. StreetMission i Ps ortAventuraWorld’s first dark ride and the first of its kind to be inspired by Sesame Street®. The new ride is an exciting and interactive adventure for all ages where visitors will have to help Detective Grover, complete a secret mission.Mor e on this shortly !


Expansion of the r accommodation

Expansion of the resort’s hotel s hot

On 1 June 2019, PortAventuraWorld will hold the grand opening of its new superior 4-star themed Hotel Colorado Cree k, the sixth hotel in the resort. It has 150 rooms of 41 m2 distributed across three buildings, to which will be annexed another building for the restaurant and exclusive car park. The theming will be inspired by the gold rush era of theWild West and will continue to delve into the history of the hotel complex made up by Hotel Gold River, Hotel Callaghan’s and HotelMansión de Lucy.

At a packed press conference it was revealed that 25 million Euros has been invested in this new hotel, which will bring the resort’s accommodation offering to a total of more than 2,200 rooms, expanding the hotel capacity of PortAventuraWorld even further. In 2018, the resort recorded more than 1 million overnight stays. Hotel Colorado Creek will be the resort’s first zero-emission hotel. This line of strategy, driven by PortAventuraWorld, will be extended t o


other facilities around the resort to minimise th e resort’s carbon footprint .

Gro wt h of MICE tourism Gro e n . h of MICE tourism

Since the Convention Centre opened in 2009, PortAventura Business & Events offering has experienced steady growth, culminating in an incredibl 204 events i 2018 62% f the organised events were corporate, whilst the remaining 38% included conferences, incentives, sports, and charity. Companies such as Coca-Cola,MARS Iberia, Seat and La Caixa, amongst others, entrusted PortAventura World with the management of their events. In 2019, the Convention Centre will undergo a significant expansion of its infrastructures of more than 6,000 m2, from 14,000 m2 to 20,000 m2 in order to increase its capacity and hold simultaneous and larger-scale events.

o Wo

Along the same lines PortAventura World is carrying out substantial renovations on Hotel PortAventura, which are scheduled for completion at the end ofMay and represent an investment of 12 million Euros. The refurbishment, which enhances the Mediterranean ambience of the establishment, includes a complete overhaul of the rooms and main communal areas such as the buffet restaurant and the facade .

, Park World loved….

ParkWorld loved…. The pa k s ambience…..On he t ain into Po tA

eenery they gra

The parrk’’s ambience…..On tthe trrain into PorrtAventura what st uck us most was he w y in which he di fe en riides and attractions didn’t impose hemselves. Sensitively designed a ound he natu al enviro ealed themselves creating a real sense of discovery at every turn.


des and attraractions didn’t impose tthemselves. Sensitively designed arround tthe naturral envirronment, through lush grlush grereenery they gradually rradually revealed themselves creating a real sense of disco ery at e ery turn. The theming is spot on too, with small touches like theWigWams in Mexico (pictured) playin g tant part in tthe overrall experrience .

The theming is spot on too, with small touches like the Wig Wams in Mexico (pictured) playing an imporian mportant part in he o e all exp e ience.


a what strruck us most was tthe way in which tthe diffferrentt onment, through

Committed to the future ed to the futur

All the projects and developments carried out in 2019 are governed by the company’s environmental management policy, pioneering a new concept of puts sustainability at the centre of

the strategy. PortAv holiday leisure that

companies to sign Ethics for To

up to UNWTO’s Global Code of enturaWorld was one of the first

Tourism for Development. The company currently implements actions for 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

participant in the International Ye To

In 2018, PortAventuraWorld welcomed a record 5 million visitors, totalling 85 million visitors since its inauguration. Halloween and Christmas, two of the most eagerly-awaited events of the year, recorded a significant increase in the number of visits, with 17% more at Halloween and 10% more at Christmas, compared to the same period in 2017.


The international market accounts for 36% of visitors to the parks and 54% of stays at the various hotels within the resort.

This strategic investment plan and innovation in new projects, which has a budget of 90 million Euros for 2019, strengthen PortAventuraWorld’s position, it said, as the best family leisure destinatio n in Europe.

Tourism and, in 2017 it was an active Year of Sustainable

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