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Vort x wins four IDA Aw

our IDA A ards Awards

Vortex Aquatic Structures International’s new line ofWater Journey elements has won four I taking Bro

Toddler Products, Outdoor and Leisure Fun Games, and Designs for Social Impact categories.

The new experiences, named Pico, Alto, and Hop, cater specifically to children aged 2 to 5 years old, an age group

Vortex felt was under-served in the aquatic play sphere. As a result, they zero in on a crucial period of childhood development, and their designs call on preschoolers’ cognitive, social, and motor skills through open-ended play.

Inspired by the dynamism of mountainside cascades and stepping stones, the cohesive trio of highly tactile ground-level experiences invite little ones to manipulate their surroundings and explore cause and e feffect. They are scaled fo play,

for newcomers to aquatic

y, but interactive enough to appeal to older children and engage siblings together. “We at Vortex firmly believe that true innovation happens when creativity builds on solidly-researched foundations to design products that users enjoy and appreciate,” said Stephen Hamelin, president of Vortex International, in accepting these awards. “We make sure to wrap meaningful play and learning experiences in refreshing fun, and we are delighted that the IDA jury shares our vision of innovation with the expansion of ourWater Journey collection.”

The Alton Towers Dungeon launches for 2019

T scary and fun for families who dare to enter.

Experience designer Holovis, who worked withMerlin on the creation of last year’s new flagship attractionWickerMan, has once again worked with the brand to design and install the AV

AV, lighting, audio, SFX and some ghoulish projection mapping.

The experience is located on the former Charlie and the Chocolate Factory site and uses elements such as the (formally chocolate) river with freshly themed vessels as a transportation method for guests through the eight scenes that fully immerse them into the dark and gory history.

create a sense of discom rt and unease to the guests about wh and who might be around them.

Holovis brings the scenes to life using multi-sensory immersion fo

at is happening techniques that

“Another striking feature is the talking heads where we’ve intricately projection mapped onto the three dimensional theming to make it look like the head is really talking. Details like this make the experience stand out in the minds of guests, whilst the technology remains invisible and frictionless. ”

their necks Audio is something that often isn’t used to its full capabilities within projects so it’s great to experience it being used here as a key storytelling metric. “A

Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis explains: “Some of the highlights for me are the zonal audio, where during a blackout scene voices and whispers surround the guests and give the impression that live actors are right behind them, breathing down .


The Alton Towers Dungeon launches for 2019

he Alton Towers Dungeon has launched for the 2019 season with the promise ‘miss it and you’ll be gutted’. The second gate attraction takes guests on a journey through Staffordshire’s darkest moments and promises to be scorchingly

Making their debut in September 2018 at the NRPA Annual Confeference, Pico, Alto, and Hop now join the ranks of award-winning Vortex International playscapes. The originalWater Journey fafamily also received several design awards, includingMost Valuable Product by Aquatics InternationalMagazine in 2016. Vortex International products have now won a total of five IDA Aw

PA -w Awards for their innovative designs.

The International Design Awards were established in 2007 by a group of designers and entrepreneurs to recognise, celebrate and promote design visionar ies and to uncover emerging talent in the fields of architecture, interior, product, graphi c and fashion design .

Arnolds Park adds Wild Mouse The s aff and amusement par

Arnolds Park addsWildMouse “The staff and amusement park

Arnolds Parrk Amusement Par , on the shores of Lake

Arnolds Pa k Amusement Pa he shores of Lake Okoboji, I

ke Okoboji, Io aowa,,

will add a classicWildMouse olle coaster for 2019. The new rride,, merly known as The Mad Mouse,, as manufactured by the Allan

will add a classic Wild Mouse rrollerr coaster for 20 9. The new ide forformerly known as TheMadMouse was manufactured by the Allan

Herschell Company in 1959 and was om Joyland Amusement Texas, where ie itt

Herschell Company in 1959 and was relocated felocated frrom Joyland Amusement Park in Lubbock, Te as, wher

ark in Lubboc , T

operated for 45 years. Arnolds Park once had a Wild Mouse, beginning h

operated for 45 years. Arnolds Par once had aWildMouse, beginning i 1958 h

in 1958, shown here. Park, on

board are pleased to announce the turn of this new ride,” said Jeff nolds Par

board are pleased to announce the return of this new ride,” said Jef Vierkantant, CEO of Ar, CEO of Arnolds Park Amusement Pa


Amusement Park. “We know how imporimportant our deep history is to the IoIowa Great Lakes region, so being able to bring back a ride that was once lo ed by so many and has some Park, is something

Park. “We e know ho

nos algia at Arnold’s Par , is something we are proud of.We hope our guests will enjoj y tthihis e hilxhilar tiating new rid ”

ant our deep his ory is to the a Great Lakes region, so being able to bring back a ride that was once loved by so many and has some nostalgia at Arnold’s Pa

e are proud of. We hope our guests ill


nze in the Children’s Products, nternational Design Awards,

ortex wins

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