base games, which each present a free games bonus feature called Cash Games, and that have special features which are also the player’s entry to search for Treasure Link’s high value Mini, Midi, Maxi and the top value Mega Progressive Jackpots. For the Bonus Feature games the top prize

award is always a fixed amount and, just as with Treasure Link, the game themes are as diverse as they are numerous: from the Wilds of Africa to the mysteries of Asia, tales of ancient Egypt, a quirky fun game in Joker Buffalo and the separate six games package that accompanies the excitement and attraction of Rapid Thunder. With all of these new attractions being

presented together at G2E it came as no surprise that, for all three show days, the Merkur Gaming booth was packed with customers and business partners, all keen to see and sample for themselves these latest gaming entertainment innovations. Alongside these new product reveals were


rane Payment Innovations (CPI) made full use of G2E

Las Vegas to present its latest technology for both cash and cashless payment. The SC Advance took centre stage alongside the Easitrax Connect platform, in addition to the all-in-one cashless device, Alio. SC Advance continues to

play the most crucial role for CPI in the gaming industry. With over 2 million units in the field, the SC Advance has proven how important it is to have a completely reliable bill reader. It is the port of entry for the player, activating game play; excellent first-time acceptance rates of all types of valid notes heightens the player experience – SC Advance provides this with the fastest acceptance rates in the industry. Operators appreciate the fact that the SC Advance is practically maintenance-free with the lowest jam rate levels in the industry. Through the integration of

Easitrax Connect, CPI now enables operators to manage their casino floor more efficiently, attaining real-time

information on all their SC Advance bill readers in operation. This enables the operator to better manage the casino floor. The drop can be managed to ensure that no full cashboxes negatively affect machine play because Easitrax Connect will send a real-time warning as the cashbox volume approaches capacity. Any suspicious note activity is immediately registered, enabling operators to react immediately. Maintenance issues can also be prevented before they even occur, helping to eliminate machine downtime. Commercially released only seven months ago, already over 12,400 slot machines in

two continents have been connected with Easitrax Connect. With the rising demand for

cashless payment in the gaming space, CPI introduced at G2E its new all-in-one cashless payment device, Alio. Allowing for all types of cashless payment types, Alio is equipped for magnetic swipe, chip, contactless enabling card, mobile and NFC payments. Built to last with a Gorilla glass screen the rugged and robust design is suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Alio reader is available with both 3.5” and 4.3” pin on glass, high-resolution touch screen display variants.

the latest cabinet releases: the Allegro+ with its 43” curved Ultra HD monitor and the similarly curved Avante+, featuring a brilliant rainbow LED solution and backlights behind all screens, plus the elegant, slim and shapely Slant Top Slim; highlighting its triple 27” full HD displays. One area of the Merkur Gaming booth at

G2E was given over to a stunning display of multi-format electronic table games, featuring Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo and Craps. Cash handling experts GeWeTe were kept busy demonstrating their range of sports betting solution as well as presenting a new casino cash handling solution in the GeWeTe Cash Center Premium. With sports betting being such a rapidly growing element of the gaming industry the Gauselmann Group’s company Cashpoint, dedicated to presenting sports betting solutions for all regulated markets, was a hive of activity on the Merkur Gaming booth at G2E and reported high levels of interest from visitors.

layer of identity security. Table games personnel may more accurately rank players. That helps resolve table ratings discrepancies and eliminates overrating or over compensating. Although facial recognition may compromise some personal player privacy, Scientific Games believes customers will ultimately opt for the convenience and accuracy.

Tribal gaming sminars

FEDERAL/TRIBAL AND STATE- SPECIFIC UPDATE ON THE SPORTS BETTING ROLLOUT IN THE US The number of states currently operating a legalized sports betting program continually changes. For Indian Country, starting a tribal sports betting operation carries additional complicated sovereignty and compact challenges. Spirit Rock Consulting Inc. Managing Partner

Aurene Martin stated that unlike all others, Mississippi’s and New Mexico’s existing compacts allowed them to quickly introduce sports betting operations. Most other tribes and states must now renegotiate compacts to include sports betting. How do tribes and jurisdictions avoid federal

involvement that lets them remain autonomous? According to Delaware Gaming Enforcement (DGE) Deputy Director, Lt. Robert Wallace, rejecting federal oversight requires consistent networking that communicates good information. Wallace’s solid connections, and daily

conversations among counterparts in neighboring New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland, provide the necessary guidance and regulatory advice. Delaware has already exceeded the state’s early conservative revenue projections even without mobile gaming. Former regulators and experienced consultants like Global Strategies Managing Partner George Rover provide invaluable insight. After many years as a New Jersey regulator and witnessing the state’s integrity, Rover strongly supports in-play wagering. He admitted it presents greater challenges, but asserted the potential rewards are worth the effort. Rover reported that in-play is 80 percent of

U.K. sports betting and believes that even a 30-40 percent share in the U.S. would increase fan interest and earnings. The panel unanimously rejected buying league

data. Vic Salerno, president of USBookmaking, called it a league money grab, condemning their claims of league integrity as “BS.” Salerno also stated the leagues’ programs

are only as good as their products...not the data. Wallace agreed, but added he would require anyone selling league data to secure appropriate licenses.

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