Terminator 2, Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream rhythm runner and SoulCaliburII: Casino Edition (with Multiplayer Arena), as well as new casual game Match 3, and sports titles. The lovely new gaming cabinets –

Katana and Impulse! – are comfortable and seem to have a positive influence on player focus and engagement; they’re easy to love, certainly. Multiplayer Arena may be a part of the puzzle for videogame gambling to really make an impact on gaming floors, as it brings a new social experience to gaming machines, allowing people to play head-to-head or on esports-style tournaments. GameCo’s offering has evolved so quickly it is unrecognisable from the early days; we can’t wait to see how the Nevada field trial goes.

kly we


gripping range of products for the US and neighbouring markets was met with eager customer interest and excellent

footfall at the NOVOMATIC booth in Las Vegas, with G2E 2019 described by the company as ‘the best G2E ever’. Shining in the centre of the product

presentation was the marvellous Samurai Beauty installation with 2x3 V.I.P. Lounge Curve 1.43 cabinets propped against a double-sided 4x3 LED screen video wall featuring game-specific, choreographed content for a high-visibility game presentation. Visitors were stoked not only by the visuals but also by the smooth gameplay of the gripping new, Asian-themed linked progressive that was presented with a photo booth featuring two real-life Samurai Beauties plus some befitting stage props. Venturing deeper into the NOVOMATIC booth, visitors discovered more linked progressives for the US market: the MONEY PARTY Link featuring titles Fruity Fruity and Juicy Juicy as well as the THUNDER CASH Link, already a highlight in a growing number of US casinos. The PAY DAY Progressives series was extended with a fourth title, PAY DAY Plus which premiered at the show, adding a classic, straightforward version with thrilling multiplier bonus features to the set.

he G2E show in Las Vegas was a great success for StylGame that introduced numerous new products

developed with the aim of providing maximum comfort to players, going beyond ergonomics. In its projects, StylGame combines research, innovation and technology with decades of strong experience in the casino and gaming industry. This year the Italian company brings home an important recognition for its innovations: it has obtained the 9th position on over 350 exhibitors in the “Hot Hits” contest, becoming the only seating manufacturer that made it to the top 10, right next to the “big ones”. This was possible also thanks to the huge

interest created by the brand new “Fortune” sportsbook chair: a mix of design and technology conceived to maximize player comfort and meet even the most complex technical requirements of the growing sports betting sector. Fortune has been designed with the utmost attention to details and innovative engineering methods; its main features are illustrated in a 3D animated video now available on the company’s website at StylGame continues to introduce innovative solutions also in the sports betting sector by offering excellent quality products resulting from constant investment in research and development.


MD’s announcement for G2E was two new additions to the E9000 embedded video card family, the Embedded

Radeon E9560, and its lower-power counterpart, the E9390. They fit into AMD’s ethos of giving customers value, as gaming suppliers need products with a long life cycle, as their launch apparently comes at the end of an Embedded Radeon three-year guarantee – so their arrival effectively gives the suite an

STYLGAME Digitain at G2E

Q&A with Digitain’s Director of International Development, Simon Westbury.

Q: What can you tell us about the products you unveiled at G2E Las Vegas? A: Digitain’s powerhouse sportsbook is at the forefront of propelling sports betting into a new era stateside. Our unique software caters to a burgeoning portfolio of operators across the globe. It provides an intuitive multi-lingual, multi-currency, customizable interface that can be easily integrated, using unique APIs, with new or existing platforms, whether you are an online or land-based operator. At last count, our platform partnerships number in excess of 100 operators, and it’s my job as Director International Development to extend that trend as regulation continues to roll out slowly but surely in America. We’re well ahead of where many commentators expected us to be 18 months down the track, and we can’t wait to have a real run at this exciting market.

Q: What did operators and players respond to in terms of your product development? A: Dialogue around personalisation and the “Netflix experience” have created annoying industry buzzwords to test your gag reflex. But artificial intelligence and deep data analytics really are the future – and it’s now an attainable future with Digitain. Your sportsbook offering will only ever be as good as the data collected; and the engine that is used to take that data and decide what to do with it is an essential part of that. Fan engagement can only benefit as a result.


DRGT CEO, Jurgen De Munck, DRGT Mexico MD, Alfredo Moreno and DRGT LatAm and the Caribbean MD, Alex Stiglich discuss what products and technologies drew the most interest from operators at G2E.

Q: G2E is the core exhibition for your local markets Alex and Alfredo, did the event live up to expectations? Alex: I believe so. Our market is a lot more mature than Alfredo’s and as such the upgrades to our current Tables Management System, as well as our new drReelBonus slots Bonus game were the key talking points.

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