itro’s participation at the global trade show G2E Las Vegas has “exceeded the expectations of even the most

optimistic,” says Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, founder and passionate leader of the company. Zitro presented its most complete product range, including worldwide releases such as the two new cabinets, Illusion and Allure, as well as a plenty of new games. Highlights – amongst many – were Bashiba, a Chinese- themed multi-game that fascinated visitors with its innovative combination of a multiway game with a bonus inspired by its worldwide success Link King. 88 Link Shock is a multigame link that with a mystery progressive that allows to interconnect the various products of the “shock” familly to the same jackpot and create a “shock lounge”, the exclusive area of “shock” games in casinos.


e are big fans of Zytronic; they are constantly pushing boundaries to achieve what their

customers need – and sometimes, they are pushing those boundaries because their customers don’t yet know what they need. The company brought two exciting new concepts to G2E, and visitors were braced for a ‘phygital’ experience with the company’s projected capacitive technology customised to work with embedded mechanical controls. The first concept was a sleek slot machine

simulator, featuring a 55” (140 cm) custom designed, multi-touch ZYBRID sensor in portrait orientation. Mounted on the inner surface of the touchscreen and within the viewable area of the display is ‘floating’ LED lighting. This is the latest demonstration of Zytronic’s proprietary new technology that enables electronic devices integrated onto or behind the touch sensor to be connected and powered invisibly via the touch matrix embedded on the rear of the sensor. The slot machine unit also features a custom ZYBRID button deck packed with features, which showcases how traditional mechanical


buttons and multi-touch technology can now be combined with ease. As with the LED lights in the main touch display, the embedded player button appears to float over the 29” (75 cm) slim LCD to provide a reassuring tactile control integrated seamlessly with a dynamic touchscreen interface. In addition, highlighting Zytronic’s expertise in glass and in-house processing capabilities, the surface of the button deck touch sensor has been machined with features to help guide the player’s fingertips, and ensure their eyes remain firmly focused on the main screen.


aby Boomers, Millennials and those who played video games in their favourite arcades, stores or homes can

rejoice. Entertainment gaming solutions provider Synergy Blue Inc. has brought arcade-style, skill-influenced games, platforms and applications to the casino market. Founded in 2013, the Las Vegas-based company already has placements and applications in six countries. Synergy Blue CEO Georg Washington and legendary coin-op entrepreneur/developer Nolan Bushnell discussed their “Fun You Can Bet On!” philosophy at a press conference. Synergy Blue has rolled out skill-influenced games like video poker and new titles Candy Ca$h, Mahjong and Safari Match. Two Las Vegas- area Station Casinos properties, Palms and Red Rock Casinos, are now conducting field trial phases.

Machines are available in a

large format VGM2 cabinet or a standard 28” width slant top cabinet with a multi-game configuration. Every Synergy Blue game is built on the

hairs from Gary Platt Manufacturing are world-famous for their unsurpassed comfort. In fact, operator studies have

shown that when players are comfortable, they stay and enjoy themselves at the game longer. At G2E 2019, Gary Platt showed seating solutions for the entire enterprise to make operators sit down and cheer. The unsurpassed comfort that operators give their players in the casino is now available in collections for all areas of the casino, hotel, and hospitality venues. It begins with Gary Platt’s new sportsbook line and the Sportsbook Club chair, perfect for a day full of football games or a day watching the races because this lounge-style chair is built for maximum comfort. It features oversized back and arms, reclining back, USB charger, cupholder, and Gary Platt’s exclusive foam. Other chairs in the sportsbook collection include the GX2, Lido, Lugano, Monaco, and Sonoma. Each chair is handcrafted and can be customized to fit each property’s individual brand. Gary Platt also introduced its new Signature collection, where each chair bears the name of the company’s visionary and legendary founder. These premium seating solutions are ideal for high limit areas. In addition to Gary Platt’s exclusive foam for unsurpassed comfort, each chair features distinctive designs and finishes, such as the waved edge on the Savannah, the sporty wrap-around back of the Tesla, and the patented Monaco.

40 NOVEMBER 2019

company’s HAWG (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming) solution. This construction mixes regulatory compliant, skill-influenced Class II and Class III gambling with arcade and mobile-style play. Following G2E on November 7, Synergy Blue announced a landmark deal with Dynamic Gaming Solutions, a full-service Oklahoma gaming supplier, to enter the Oklahoma tribal gaming market. Dynamic Gaming Solutions will provide sales distribution and localized support across Oklahoma for Synergy Blue’s library of approved, arcade-style casino games on its HAWG platform. The game library includes those games

currently in Nevada field trials, plus additional titles like Candy Patrol and Lucky Karts. The machines are available in single and multi- game configurations so casino guests have seven title choices.

Dynamic Gaming Solutions Managing

Director Mark Larson said, “The amount of variety Synergy Blue builds into their game library-for both operators and players-makes their library very compelling.”


ransAct Technologies Incorporated, developer of restaurant, POS automation, casino and gaming software-driven

technology, introduced the Epicentral 4.0 promotion and bonusing print system. New game-changing design and capabilities

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