CM is on something of a journey, and the company is engaging in partnerships to extend its usefulness to customers above

and beyond what they may be used to, or even expecting. “We have been on a deliberate, thoughtful development journey with our partners. JCM’s spirit of innovation continually drives us to achieve more, to reach higher, and to deepen and expand the partnerships we have with our customers,” said Dave Kubajak, SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations. “Now we are thrilled to present the next phase of that journey, one that is filled with game- changing innovations.” The iVIZION validator and the Intelligent

Cash Box (ICB), combined with the GEN5 thermal printer and its PromoNet bonusing solution give operators insights into total floor operation, streamlined processes, customised reporting, and enable marketers to directly reach carded and uncarded players with promotional couponing across the entire operation; these products are now combined to create FUZION, which transforms each slot machine into an interactive kiosk that vends and redeems race and sports tickets, lottery tickets, and more. FUZION’s mobile solution, iTITO, or Intelligent TITO, enables operators to attract new and different types of players by offering a mobile transaction technology. Dave Kubajak spoke with Casino International at G2E, explaining: “We are always asking, how can we help to bring more value to the industry. So we have announced three big partnerships this year: one is with Eurocoin from the UK, who make a custom roll printer that we’re going to be marketing to the Americas and the Asia Pacific Rim. The second is a partnership with a company called eConnect with facial recognition technology. Our systems in the gaming side are going to feed security information to them for anti-money laundering, for suspect notes, counterfeit detection and for just general surveillance enhancements, so that they can see the image of every note or ticket that goes into a kiosk, into a slot machine and eventually into a table game. That table game technology is going to be brought to you by our third partnership, which is a German company called CountR. They make table game solutions and they’re going to use JCM’s technology on the inside. When you walk into a traditional casino anything you put into a slot machine whether it’s note or ticket, the image will be recorded. We track serial numbers issue numbers and the location where it’s taken and we’ll be able to match the transaction through the facial recognition to the person who’s sitting down. If you’re a carded player your face will be matched, if you’re an uncarded player you’ll have a unique ID and your facial recognition will be matched to every single note or ticket that you put onto the table.”

48 NOVEMBER 2019


uickSpin took centre stage at G2E, with high-

performing titles such as

Super Charged 7s, Super Lantern 8s, Super Crystal 7s and the

rn recently released MultiPlay Super per

Charged 7s alongside more than 1 5 gaming cabinets to meet the needs for customer partners in Class III, Class II, Tribal Lot System and Historical Horse Racing mar Visitors saw several new QuickSpin title that offered innovative uses of the giant wheel on the sleek A640 portrait screen cabinet. Additionally, Ainsworth’s High

an 125 gaming customer

ribal Lottery acing markets ckSpin titles

s.. Interblock

Denomination content has been among the top earning games in North America for several years. The development of these math models continues strong with the upcoming release of several new titles built specifically for high denom players.

Ainsworth’s booth showed how top

performing content is being leveraged across platforms, as titles like Mustang Money 2, Dollar Chief, Dollar Action and Grand Dragon can now be placed on single-screen cabinets, including the A640 and A560SL Noir. Several new Ainsworth offerings can be

placed on both the A640 and EVO cabinets to ensure customers have access to a wide array of titles.

The A640 offers a 40-inch high-definition

LCD game screen, touchscreen LCD button deck and 27-inch LCD topper. In addition to the wealth of QuickSpin content, new titles debuting on the A640 include Reel Force, a series of time-on-device style games with a Cascading Reels feature, and Galaga, part of Ainsworth’s partnership with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.


he stars of Interblock’s show were Pulse Arena, the Universal Cabinet, MiniStar, and Golden Ball Roulette.

Continuing to be the leader in innovation,

Interblock showed its latest line of ETGs featuring its breakthrough form factor the Universal Cabinet. The Universal Cabinet is a standalone unit with slot-like hardware designed to support a variety of games. Available in both video and automated formats, the product will demonstrate craps, roulette, blackjack and baccarat games. The Universal Cabinet line represents a new segment and provides a unique perspective on table games. The new line provides operators with the ability to offer a variety of ETGs in a smaller, flexible footprint with complete configuration flexibility. Players enjoy an intimate tactile ETG experience that

moves at the pace of the player. Universal Cabinet is revolutionary to the gaming industry and will change the way a typical casino floor is configured moving forward. Universal Cabinets will bring even more newly carded players to the casino floor and increase the hold and handle the industry has historically seen from ETGs. Interblock’s award-winning stadium configuration, Pulse Arena, demonstrated the company’s latest enhancements. All Interblock Stadiums can be configured with automated, video, dealer assist generators and/or live table platforms based on footprint availability. This flexible platform provides operators with the most efficient use of floor space when multiple games are activated. Any desired number of play stations can be connected to a single unit. It offers the most versatile Stadium game portfolio while generating continuous play and reducing operating expenses. At the show, the Stadium was configured with live, automated and video versions of roulette, multi-hand blackjack, baccarat and craps. In a word, amazing.


in Systems reaffirmed at G2E Las Vegas the strong growth it is experiencing in its three Business

Divisions: Systems, Gaming and Lotteries. Throughout the three days of the expo, hundreds of operators showed interest in its solutions and products, and especially in the novelties that were presented at the booth. Within the Systems Division, the new

age at

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