The Beko DEN59420DX AutoDose Dishwasher


Cooking, cleaning and connectivity

The evolution of connected appliances is growing in SDA and MDA, as is the demand for these products. But how can retailers turn trend-setting tech into store sales.

Futuresource Consulting, 56 million smart appliances will be shipped in 2019; that’s up from 25 million in 2018. Starting the oven before you arrive home and setting the dishwasher for after you have gone to bed – these are common capabilities now and made even easier with a simple voice command or a tap on your smartphone. In a world where people are pressed for time,


products which offer more control and free-up users to do other jobs is a welcome addition, with voice technology being at the heart of this. As a time-saving function, this makes using products easier, while artificial intelligence (AI) offers greater convenience. Think about how many times you have needed to make an adjustment to your oven while your hands are covered in whatever it is that you’re preparing in the kitchen – voice control is a simple solution. In future, consumers will be looking for products that offer even more of the same, including

ccording to market research firm,

connectivity between devices so that they talk to each other as well as to the user.

Simple solutions

Thanks to its Home Connect app, BSH Home Appliances has a range of ovens with smart technology; the app gives full remote control over the product and useful notifications plus partner integrations. For example, pre-heating the oven while out the house is easy or integrate it with IFTTT and turn it on when you reach a predetermined distance on your journey home.

Focused on making peoples’ lives easier when it comes to the cleaning up, Beko introduced this year one of Europe’s first connected AutoDose dishwashers. Wi-Fi connected and controlled via the HomeWhiz app on an Android or iOS device, the dishwasher offers automatic detergent replenishment through Amazon Dash Replenishment; customers are alerted when it’s time to top up and detergent is automatically re-ordered for delivery via the app.

AutoDose technology is clever too, the consumer only has to fill up once and this lasts for up to one month. It also takes the guesswork out of the process by being able to detect the dirtiness of dishes and dispense the perfect dose of liquid/gel even on the shortest programmes. Elsewhere, Hoover Candy has a range of smart kitchen appliances, including a separate AI collection – the AXI. It’s AXI washing machine is good example; featuring voice control, consumers can simply talk to the machine to start a cycle. In return, it also gives helpful advice on washing tips, for example for stain removal, and connectivity to the internet allows the washing machine to suggest optimum washing times based on the latest weather forecast to ensure that users have chance to line-dry their laundry. And the manufacturer plans to introduce more smart products over the coming months, including additions to its smart oven category. There is also a second generation of its Vision oven in the pipeline, which will feature full voice control.

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