Smart Home


Convert Technologies’ Tempus SmartHome entertainment system.

Music matters


For this special interview, ERT met with Ian Grostate and Dave Belcher from Convert Technologies, who set out to disrupt the music market with their new streaming and audio ripping technology…

F ounded in 2013, Convert Technologies set out

to revolutionise how people enjoy their music; a disruptive technology company with a mission to design and develop technology for the Hi-Fi and home entertainment sector, among others, its vision is to enhance upon current technologies and invent new ways of doing things. Convert Technologies now licenses its designs and innovations for other manufacturing and distribution companies to produce and get them out to market.

The Plato range was introduced in 2015. This range of different models demonstrated that it is possible for a music fan to have all their Hi-Fi equipment in a straightforward, one-box solution. This was further enhanced when the company launched Plato Class A to the market as the first media streamer with an integrated Class A amplifier. This system integrates with most mainstream audio, home cinema technology and software operating systems. It offers high quality, automated vinyl recording

and CD-ripping via ‘Gracenote’ integration, so users can manage all their physical media on one platform using the Plato control app on a tablet or smartphone; as well as providing access to paid online audio streaming services and internet radio. The product has 2TB of digital storage space, in either hard-disk drive or solid state drive versions. In 2017 Convert Technologies then launched the

Tempus SmartHome entertainment system, which it refers to as the final word in one-box solutions for an integrated AV system. For vinyl recording and CD ripping, streaming, amplification and high-res playback, as the iconic figurehead of the ‘Powered by Plato’ range, Tempus benefits from consistently upgraded components and wholly re- imagined coolant systems. In addition to this, the technology company also

offers DAT-Air, its latest solution which bridges USB to wireless interfaces to connect mobile and USB devices together.

As opposed to using clunky, expensive convertor cables, DAT-Air is a dongle that provides a standard USB connection to the peripheral

device and translates it into a well-defined wireless protocol for the mobile device, complete with supporting Android and iOS apps.

The dongle also takes an analogue audio input and, using the internal ADC, streams audio data in real time to a mobile device. Speaking exclusively to ERT, Ian Grostate, Commercial Director at Convert Technologies, explains: “We put all of these services into one dongle because we think, commercially, it’s the right thing to do. We have a manufacturing operation relationship with a company in Taiwan, they’re called DoTop, and they were looking at developing a CD ripper app into their technology for one of their brands. Now they are looking to introduce DAT-Air into their customer base, including companies such as LogiTech. We are able to offer these products under license as a design, or through DoTop as a fully manufactured solution, which is really exciting.” Development Director, Dave Belcher, adds: “The convenience of

these solutions is what they’re all about. Current ways of ripping music

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