July/Aug 2019


One of the biggest attractions in the consumer side of the Plug In event was a giant Smart show home demonstrating all the various kinds of smart technologies from different vendors. It was a very popular part of the exhibition and a great chance to see how some of these solutions can be integrated, even into the bathroom.

While attending the Plug In event, ERT Editor, Jack Cheeseman, sat down with Liam La Cumbre, Consumer Commercial Director at Exertis, to get his thoughts on the success of the day and discuss the company’s latest financial results.

given time but it shows the attraction of this event. To get so many visitors here today means that people have gone back and said, “it was worthwhile doing, they’re making it bigger and better and we’re going to reinvest in it”.

So that for me sends a great message out to the

industry. In fact, even outside of distribution I don’t think anybody could run this type of event except Exertis, because we’re strong in

IT, strong in business to

Q: What do you hope will be vendors’ and visitors’ key takeaways from today? LL: Well, for the vendors we want to make sure that we bring as many of their customers here as possible, so we’ve done a really good job to do that. It’s very diffi cult to get people out of their businesses at any

business, strong in retail and strong in enterprise. It’s also an opportunity for Exertis to talk to the brands about what we provide. There are seminars here talking about the services that we provide, be it digital or actual practical services, the in-store execution – it’s the one opportunity, with having over 100 vendors, for visitors to think “Exertis could do this for us” in terms of execution. That’s one of the values that we have at Exertis; if you want to meet with any of the brands and fi nd it hard to get hold of them, we have access to them. The independent channel is important for many of those brands because sometimes they need experts and the independent channel has always been the source of experts, so it seems wrong that we’re not doing more in that channel. It’s a big opportunity.

I’m now getting involved with part of the organisation ››

called Supply Chain Services, helping to facilitate transport, logistics, even fi nancing and that sort of thing. It’s another service that Exertis has within its portfolio. It can be diffi cult for us to get that message across to the brands without having them all in one place at one time. Today is our chance to show people ‘this is Exertis’.

Q: What have been your highlights from today? LL: Having Christian Horner here has been brilliant; it’s really interesting to hear all his stories. We talk about collaboration and when you’ve got a team of 850 people to deliver two people in a car over one weekend, it’s really crazy when you think about it. But that’s the nature of the world we live in; it’s about

creating those connections and getting those 850 people to work together to deliver two people to drive very fast on a Sunday afternoon! It seems completely illogical but if you break it down and think about, it’s no different than Exertis working with the manufacturers and the retail channels to be able to deliver to the end customer something that they really like. That’s what Formula One’s based on, it’s a link of all those things in a supply chain to the end customer – the people who are watching on TV, who are paying and subscribing to do that.

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