July/Aug 2019

Light up your life L

ightwave is a UK-based smart home brand

that offers fully integrated home automation solutions to monitor and manage lighting, heating, power and security. Compatible with platforms including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home, Lightwave products can be controlled manually via its app or by voice with use of a smart speaker. Some of the company’s most popular

products include, on the lighting side, its Smart Dimmer, Wire Free Switch, Plug-in Dimmer Kit and Outdoor Switch. On the power side, there’s the Smart Socket, the Wire-free Switch and the Waterproof Housing. With easy DIY installation and ‘plug and play’ setup, Lightwave products are completely

retrofittable and require no extra wiring so consumers can keep all of their existing lighting in place, and control it all through one system, whether it is ceiling lights, feature lighting or even lamps plugged into a Lightwave socket. Speaking exclusively to ERT, Lightwave Founder and company CTO, John Shermer, says the ease of use and reliability of the products speak for themselves; for example, Lightwave’s design team has engineered an impressive 600-metre Wi-Fi range between the hub and the devices. “Lightwave is a permanent improvement to the home,” says Mr Shermer. “Unlike some other consumable products, we’re able to help customers find a great solution for their lighting or power but add value to their home as well.”


Q: Can you tell us more about the benefits of your products? JS: We originally came to market with a range called the Connect Series. But all our early devices were not bi-directional, so you sent a message to it and it didn’t feed back to you. All of our new products, however, are smart

and are fully bi-directional so you can glance at your phone and see which lights are on and which sockets are in use. And with our dimmers, for example, whatever bulb you have in that room you will then have complete control over it.

As well as this, when you connect a light switch now it stays connected to our servers, with the user’s permission, allowing us to monitor its performance. This also means you can download software to it so it’s upgradable and never out of date. We’ve also added things like relays – which is the ability to control something else, such as a garage door, a security system, blinds or automatic windows. When you put all these things together, you can control almost anything electrical or mechanical in your house. We find that people start simply, perhaps with one light switch, and then add things as their interest grows. We notice now that there are greater proportions of whole home installs; people are realising that if they want smart tech they might as well do the whole lot.

Q: Do you have anything new on the horizon? JS: We’re about to bring out a range of wire-free switches, which takes things to the next level. You can literally install a light switch anywhere you like, without any power going to them. They run on batteries and this means you can

any qualified electrician to do it because the retro-fit is so simple. The devices we make screw to fabric of your

be as flexible as you like. They have a premium look but they’re ridiculously easy to install. Once they are connected to our server we can maintain and monitor their performance from our end, just like with all our products, and you don’t get that support with other smart home stuff.

Q: How are you pushing that retro-fit message? JS: Well, initially it comes as a bit of surprise when people realise our systems are retro-fit. All of the other big control systems require extra cabling or wiring to a control panel. You can imagine how devastating that is when people have to redecorate their whole home to put these things in. Lightwave products are DIY products – anyone who’s competent at DIY can follow our instructions and install these themselves. Or, if not, you can ask

property and genuinely add value. We know of people who have sold their homes for more because they are smartphone-ready. This is where we have a really good opportunity to work with retailers and installers who would like to offer this service to their customers – they may already be qualified or want to join us and go through our training, we can help. They can make the first sale and then keep going with add-on products after, but also charge the customer for installation too.

Q: How can retailers get involved if they like this idea? JS: I think this is a big opportunity for retailers to showcase what the devices are capable of doing, as there aren’t many places doing this already. If the store has Lightwave products installed, for example, that’s the perfect way to demonstrate the ‘wow’ factor of these devices and to show customers how easy they are to operate and monitor using the app.


“The devices we make screw to fabric of your property and genuinely add value.”

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