Plug In To Exertis 2019 REVIEW

Record attendance at Plug In To Exertis 2019

This year’s Plug In To Exertis channel event attracted a record number of 1,250 visitors. Held at Silverstone Circuit for the second time, this, the third iteration of the event, featured 116 vendors with four dedicated areas focused on business, AV, enterprise and consumer solutions. As well as this, a record number of 740 resellers and retailers attended. In the morning, Christian Horner OBE,


Team Principal at Red Bull Racing Formula One Team, was the guest speaker (pictured right). He gave fascinating insights into the fast-paced world of Formula One – the teamwork, the logistics, the personalities and the money – mixed in with various anecdotes from his many years working in the industry. Given the location of the event, the home of the British Grand Prix, it was very fi tting and had everyone captivated. Exertis UK&I Managing Director, Paul Bryan, said after the event: “This proved to be a great event for our customers with the opportunity to see the diverse range of technologies that we offer and hear about our Exertis services that add great value to our resellers and retailers. “Our

seminar programme was

particularly strong and well attended with a variety of interesting topics and our

“Normally the customers are so used to seeing these products online, so to give them the ability to see how thin OLED is, it’s great for us”

Chris Smith, LG Electronics

customers, some good leads and some possible projects to work on straight away, which is always great for an event.” Matthew Warner – Lenovo – added:

“There’s been plenty of partners coming around visiting the stand, bringing plenty of opportunities. It’s been an ideal day for us.” Meanwhile, Adam Williams from Lightwave simply commented: “It’s just been a continuous stream of interesting dialogue all day.”

purpose-built Smart Home demonstrated why we are leaders in this area. Once again, I would like to thank our vendors for participating and our customers for spending the day with us.” Feedback from some of the vendors on the day came from Chris Smith – LG Electronics – who said: “Normally the customers are so used to seeing these products online, so to give them the ability to actually touch and see how thin OLED is and see how slim the video wall bezel is, it’s great for us. We’ve had some new

“Smart home is booming”

The day started with a welcome speech from Paul Bryan. He touched on the fact that Brexit is still being debated and still “causing mass confusion and distraction”. He also said that retail has had “a tough run”, referring to the worst December in 2018 for 10 years. “Black Friday has become an ever-bigger week-long thing that has drawn in a lot of trade and become this huge exception from both retailers and consumers. “More and more people are buying

online,” he continued. “Over 20 per cent of what’s bought in retail is now online and that’s having an impact in terms of what’s going on on the high street.”

He also referred to seeing lots of store transformations in recent months and years and that we are starting to see experiential economy where stores are now more creative about driving footfall and making shopping more of an event. He said: “35 per of stores are starting to engage in this type of behaviour to get the high street a bit more excited. “Smart home is booming,” he added.

“We, in distribution, are leading the smart home category; it’s doubled up four years on the trot. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are driving this and putting a halo over a whole number of categories, including lighting, security, doorbells, intercommunication and heating.”

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