Topics announced for the virtual Futuresource Audio Collaborative 2020


The 2020 Futuresource Consulting Audio Collaborative event will be shifting to an all-virtual experience for the first time in six years. With health and safety being of prime importance during the Coronavirus outbreak, exhibitors, thought leaders and attendees can feel at ease while experiencing the range of fascinating topics lined up. The event line-up continues to

grow, with a wealth of world-class industry leaders coming together to discuss the future of audio. Joining from their virtual seats will be

Geir Skaaden, Chief Products and Services Officer at Xperi, who will lead the way as keynote, followed by the Head of Audio and Digital at BBC England, Chris Burns, as well as Robert Jan van Dormael from Harman, Martin Bodley from Bose, and Andreas Ehret from Dolby. Focusing on the positives during what has certainly been a challenging time to date, the range of thought- provoking panels and presentations will help us to emerge from the crisis as stronger, better positioned, more valuable businesses. Taking place 2.00 – 6.00pm on 4 and 5 November, the two-day exclusive event will promise to share industry insights and provide the opportunity to engage with global brands, all of which has been made possible with the support of the event sponsors, including Title Sponsor Qualcomm, as well as Xperi, DSP Concepts, Flexound, Cambridge Audio and USound. Here’s the full range of topics to be

explored at this year’s event, split between the many panel discussions and presentations on offer.

2020 virtual event

When: Americas and European Broadcast: 14:00 – 18:00 (GMT) on 4 and 5 November 2020.

Asian Broadcast: 09:00 – 13:00 (China Standard Time) or 10:00 – 14:00 (Japan Standard Time) on 5 and 6 November.

£99 (excl VAT) to attend Panels discussions:

• Radio as an Evergreen Content Genre and the Shift in Focus for Music Streaming Services – panellists include BBC England, Bauer Media, ViacomCBS.

• Who will Win the Share of Ear and What Role will Hearables Play in a Growing Health & Fitness Sector? – panellists include Qualcomm, Starkey Hearing, Bose & Cambridge Audio.

• A/V Collaboration Tools and App Usage Turbocharged During Lockdown for Business Professionals and Consumers – panellists include Google, Bose & Intel Unite.

• The Accelerated Growth of Live Streaming of Concerts, Theatre and the ‘Tik Tok-style’ User Generated Content in Lockdown – panellists include Harman, Logitech, Tourlife & PreSonus.

• The Next Decade of Audio tech – what Key Technology Enablers will Impact Energy Harvesting, Microphone Developments, Directional Sound, Device Connectivity and Audio Production? – panellists include Flexound, Waves Audio, Dolby & Fraunhofer IIS.


Reaching Customers and Selling “Sound” in an Increasingly Dominant E-tail World – presented by Robert Jan van Dormael, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Harman.

The Expansion of Technology Giants in both Consumer and Pro Applications – presented by Simon Bryant, Director of Research at Futuresource.

Voice Input: What is the Magic and What’s Next? – presented by Dr. Paul Beckmann, Founder & CTO at DSP Concepts.

The Evolution of the Gamer – Opportunities for the Audio Hardware and Entertainment Industry – presented by Carl Hibbert, Head of Consumer & Media Technology at Futuresource.

Why is Tik Tok so Much More than a Social Media Platform? – presented by David Saidden, Director of Strategic Partnerships at ByteDance.

The Next Decade of Music Delivery – Revenue Drivers, Challenges and the Competitive Landscape – presented by Alexandre Jornod, Market Analyst at Futuresource.

The Key Consumer Audio Trends and The Outlook Post-COVID – presented by Guy Hammett, Market Analyst at Futuresource.

The New Ways of Audio: Enabling Innovative Audio Applications with MEMS Microspeakers – presented by Andrea Rusconi Clerici, Managing Director & CTO at USound.

Need to revisit the topics covered, or

happened to miss any of the sessions on either day? As part of your ticket, all presentations and panels will become available as on demand content shortly after the event. If you’re interested in attending, please visit the Futuresource website or click here:

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