October 2020

TCL Frederic Langin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, TCL Europe: “Our mission is to make life intelligent with innovative technology to make our customers’ lives easier and smarter.”

Haier Yannick Fierling, CEO, Haier Europe: “Haier will introduce new solutions based on an ecosystems built from the Internet of Things for turning the group vision of smart home and smart living into reality.”

Smart talking It seemed this year at IFA that every brand was seeking to integrate with the consumer’s smart home. It’s fair to say that the big news came predominantly from the MDA sector amongst others.

LG Dr IP Park, President and CTO: “For us, this is a milestone of foundational significance because with this level of digital integration, we’re really beginning to build an evolving, connected and open ecosystem of smart products and services that can deliver so much more than the sum of its parts – going above and beyond device- level thinking to unlock a whole new world of potential at the system-level.”

BSH Matthias Ginthum, CMO: “We want to be the first company in our industry to neutralise the direct carbon dioxide emissions of all our locations worldwide.”

Schneider electric Manish Pant, CEO and Executive Vice President, Home and Distribution Division: “The need to start to make homes not only smart but also sustainable and the urgency of the same has increased with the current crisis. We are now linking the electric world and the digital world. This is wiser.”

Miele Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor of the Miele Group: “We coped quite well with this challenging year so far. In fact, at the midpoint of the year our sales were actually almost two per cent higher than those in the first half of 2019.”

Hyundai Michael Cole, President and CEO: “You know we are making strategic investments in smaller fast-moving companies that will help Hyundai become more of a tech company rather than just a car company.”

HONOR George Zhao, President of HONOR Global: “We are bringing our all scenario smart life strategy to the next level. We will upgrade your productivity, creativity, connectivity and entertainment experiences, expand your smart life. From

outdoor watches to all-rounder PCs, we are empowering young people to reinvent their smart life and expand the way they approach fitness, creativity, productivity and everyday entertainment.”

Take note Now, the highlight of this year’s show was the cross-industry innovations at SHIFT Mobility meets IFA NEXT. Here, many start-up and established brands were showcasing new emerging technologies and there were, in my humble opinion, three worthy of note:

Heatle When making a cup of tea we boil more water than we need. This device will boil whatever the amount, whatever the liquid. It is the easiest, fastest and most sustainable alternative to traditional ways of heating liquids, benefiting our environment and it’s free from limescale. It claims to save up to 60 per cent energy per cup but you can’t have one just yet, as there’s a waiting list to own one.

Meater A wireless Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer that helps you cook a cut of meat to perfection. It’s the first wireless smart meat thermometer that will estimate how

Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor of the Miele Group.

long to cook your food to get perfect results; it can be used on all types of cooking equipment. As you would expect, it uses an

app to permanently measure the internal and external temperature of the food. Available in three versions: The Original MEATER and MEATER+ has a 50 metres Bluetooth range, ideal for the BBQ and for the Masterchefs amongst you. The MEATER block with four temperature probes boasts unlimited range and integrated OLED-display.

Visseiro It is a ‘Smart Care Cushion’, which it claims allows reliable, continuous and contactless measurements of vital signs. The simple pillow effortlessly tracks elderly’s health and stores data in an app that can be checked regularly and sent to your doctor, if needed. Currently still in development but you could become a test user to aid its progress.

It is these products that make IFA

the destination event to experience innovation from new and existing brands. However, this year IFA as we know was sadly missed and whilst the event was skilfully orchestrated, we’ll welcome the madness of everyone coming together again next year on 3 – 7 September. Save the date.


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