October 2020

“With a knead dough function, it

can make the dough directly from just flour and water. You can make dough for bread, cakes, cookies and all types of pasta using its patented blade. Accessories include a flour measuring cup, water measuring cup, mixing bowl, spanner, brush and cutter tool. “Furthermore, we have the best

and healthiest popcorn makers – from a small table-top machine to a full popcorn cart – and moreover, there is the SMART Voice Egg, a truly smart machine that is a must have addition to any kitchen.” This machine calls you and tells

you that your egg is ready and whether it is soft, medium or hard and ready to eat using its three indicator lights and spoken alerts. With a capacity of up to six eggs, it is ideal for any busy family and is a quick and easy solution for any meal time.

Product development

Samosa Makers (these don’t use oil), Breakfast Masters and The SMART Voice Egg Maker are just a few examples of what we are producing each year that are all year-round pragmatic, clever and cool appliances to have at home. We produce at least two new items per season.” Following on from how important

production and results are to the firm, Dr Attia tells ERT how he likes to make sure the right staff are hired. He comments on SMART’s approach to hiring staff and explains how the company attracts the most talented employees. “Essentially, we try to choose

committed individuals with demonstrative hard work and achievements to join us. We also select young people whom we believe have the same ethos and are willing to be trained to be the best in the field. Also, we offer above market rate packages for those who we believe deserve the opportunity.”

Our mission is to deliver innovative products. They are functional and fun to use!

Working within a competitive industry, Dr Attia says he feels it is important that the company employs certain techniques which help it stay ahead of emerging trends and developments. He identifies the fact that the company is always coming up with innovative ideas, and it aims to release new products regularly in order to constantly stay ahead of the market. Adds Dr Attia: “Research and

development is vital for us. New ideas, such as our Tunnel Toasters,

Contact SMART on: 08444 069 098

Or e-mail Paul Bundock, Sales Director website:

Exceeding expectations Looking to the future, Dr Attia predicts that SMART will reach its targets, as he notes that the company is still relatively young, but is already attracting attention from across the industry. This bodes well for SMART, and there looks to be a positive outlook ahead, particularly so with the challenges created by the COVID- 19 pandemic. SMART is already achieving numbers exceeding its projections, especially internationally. Dr Attia concludes: “Moving

forward, I believe we are in a good place to grow and achieve our objectives. SMART is only few years old, but there is plenty to aspire to and grow into. Two years ago we were shortlisted for the National Business Awards with The Sunday Times. “In addition, last year we received

two awards for innovation and our products were featured in many TV programmes and top magazines in the UK. “Last month, SMART was also

listed as a finalist for the Queen’s Export Award 2020.”


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