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SMART is a premier Small Domestic Appliances manufacturer that combines leading technology, design and value for money in all its products. Dr Samir Attia, the company’s Chairman and CEO, tells Jack Cheeseman all about what makes it so successful across the world and how SMART has become a finalist for the Queen’s Award for Export for the second year in a row.

Hut Group and other main distributors as well as some of the leading online platforms. Dr Attia explains how SMART approaches new projects and what steps it takes to ensure its clients receive the best possible outcome; the company’s mission is another reason it can guarantee quality products and services to clients.


panning UK and international markets, SMART works with many well-renowned clients, including Harrods, Wayfair,

“All our clients appreciate our unique

and niche creations,” he says. “We have over 70 different products which we select from, producing a bespoke demographic and client-centric requirement ranging for all four seasons. “Here at SMART, our mission is to

deliver innovative products at the highest quality with the best price to the UK and international markets. All our products are functional, pragmatic, and most importantly, fun to use! “My wife and I personally test

each and every product for three months before even considering mass production.” A family owned company, Dr Attia

SMART is only a few years old, but there is plenty to aspire to and grow in to

talks about SMART’s internal culture and how this affects the quality of products. He alludes to a physical and emotional connection between staff; they all work hard together. “All our management and

employees are our extended family,” he says. “They all fit in with hard work, belonging emotionally to our purpose and reason for being. We

Left: The SMART candy floss maker. Right: The Voice Egg Maker.

sincerely deliver first class service to all our clients.” The SMART Sourcing arm of the

company does exactly the same, sourcing bespoke products for UK and international clients with dual branding, if they wish, and also test them and go through the same rigors, research and development and quality processes as SMART does with its own branded innovations.

Unique products Along with the personal service and teamwork within the company, Dr Attia believes there is more that

makes the company unique within the industry, including its products. He discusses the products, excitingly listing how each one is unique and particular to the company. “All SMART products are unique,”

he continues. “The company produces the SMART waffle bowls to make breakfast, lunch, snacks or even a full dinner. Additionally, the team have created the SMART candy floss maker in a unique design and colour. We have the amazing healthy pasta maker, which gives you eight different kinds of pasta in just six minutes, and it even comes with your own recipe book.

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