20 A wireless wonder

“Wherever you see an audio wire, we are trying to kill it”. These are the words of Dannie Lau, the Founder of DTS Play-Fi, as he tells Jack Cheeseman how his Wi-Fi based audio streaming technology is leading the industry towards permanently cutting out the cables.

As consumers increasingly choose to stream audio throughout their home, what happens when they want to combine various speakers from multiple manufacturers? DTS Play-Fi can help. It’s an interoperable, high


performance multi-room audio technology that lets you connect and control various hi-fi devices together in order to stream audio from one to another. This can be within one room for a multi-channel set-up, or across multiple rooms in the home.

ome audio technology is developing at a rapid rate and connectivity is one of the biggest buzzwords around at the moment. Arguably, wireless audio is another.

It’s been on the market for around 10 years but

today the range of compatible devices includes portable wireless speakers, stereo systems, AV tuners, preamps, amplifiers, streamers, and media servers – all of which can be managed via a smartphone, tablet or PC via the app. DTS Play-Fi is supported by over 30 brands –

companies like McIntosh, Onkyo, Pioneer, Klipsch, Polk, Arcam, Rotel… among many others. The platform supports high resolution audio (up to

24-bit/192kHz) end to end. Music streaming services are also supported, including Spotify (through Spotify Connect), Amazon Music, Deezer, Qobuz and Tidal, as well as internet radio stations. Whether you are connecting the living room

television and soundbar, a smart speaker in the kitchen or a table-top speaker in the bedroom, it’s all possible without any lagging, interference or delays. Play-Fi’s low latency and synchronisation between speakers is all done over Wi-Fi networking, which the company says has enabled an endless variety of use cases that are not always possible with other technologies. It has also been working with the big smart speaker

brands to tie all this together, so there’s ‘Works with Alexa’ support as well as Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay via Siri. DTS Play-Fi’s Founder and General Manager,

Dannie Lau, tells ERT about how this technology first came about, back when there was really only one brand offering multi-room audio.

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