BEAM GROUP Special Feature

October 2020

‘Redefining distribution in the new era of retail’

customers in new and innovative ways. Since it was established in 1985, Beam Group


has been providing premium service to the UK and Irish retail industries, continually thinking ahead in how to satisfy its customers’ demands for new ideas whilst constantly challenging its brands to support the evolving needs of retailers and consumers by bringing their products to life in new and inspiring ways. Now in its 35th year, the distributor is continuing its pro-active approach to brand management and distribution by taking the next step in the evolution of the business. This month, Beam Group has announced its

move to a brand new office and warehouse facility. Staying in the same business park in North Cambridge, the move to a newly built 52,000sq ft unit highlights the ambitious mind-set of the team. Speaking to ERT, Beam’s General Manager, Matt

Innes, explains: “Quadrupling our warehouse and office space to accommodate our growing team and logistics operations represents a real investment in the exceptional range of services that we can offer our brand partners and customers. “The new building will support our ongoing

growth aspirations and allow us to offer unparalleled service as we continue to redefine what a ‘distributor’ can mean to a brand and the UK & Irish retail industries.

“Whilst our past and present has been focused

solely on housewares categories, we see big opportunities to bring a different and much needed approach to other consumer electronic categories and we are now primed and ready to do so. Watch this space.” Beam Group’s continued commitment to

social and corporate responsibility is apparent in the design and layout of the new building, which supports a collaborative and consistent environment for staff in all areas of the business. From the quiet room designed to promote positive mental health, to the shared breakout areas and recycling initiatives – they were all created from staff feedback and requests. Will Hindle, Beam’s Commercial Manager,

expands on the drive towards sustainability: “It’s important to us that we work with conscientious and environmentally-friendly brands whilst being aware of our own responsibilities. We’re proud that our new building uses rooftop solar panels with up to 50 per cent of our power requirements being served by our own renewable power source, whilst the heating and cooling are supported by using eco-friendly air source heat pumps.” The team at Beam is proud of the

environment it has created – a fast-moving and agile group of talented individuals, a potent mix of exciting young innovators alongside well- respected industry veterans. Beam has built an unrivalled reputation within the industry for collaborating long-term with premium brands which strive to innovate, have great products and a desire to succeed.

Continuing to adapt to face the challenges

COVID-19 has introduced in the UK and Ireland, Beam has invested in full capability to deliver its services at a distance. Whilst the company’s stunning new showrooms are unlikely to welcome buyers any time soon, the new building is outfitted with future-proof systems and technologies to communicate effectively and present and excite its retail partners with remote range reviews and product presentations. To bring all of these changes to life, alongside

the opening of the new building, Beam unveiled its new look. The new brand represents the multi- service approach of the business, including its newly-formed commercial division and the growing focus on its direct-to-consumer operation. Discussing the new look, Will Robbs, Head of

Marketing, says the re-design was built to capture the spirit of Beam Group – its ability to take premium brands on a journey and deliver results beyond that of any UK and Irish distribution business. “As we’ve grown, we’ve added more and more

services for brands entering the retail landscape, and the logo represents this perfectly with the beams of light emerging from the centre.” With the new infrastructure in Cambridge,

Beam Group will look to continue expanding its enviable list of premium, progressive brands, while finding new and innovative ways to support the evolution of UK and Irish retail industries as they navigate the challenges ahead for years to come.


he UK and Irish retail landscapes have seen a massive shake-up in 2020, creating new challenges for businesses to overcome, alongside exciting opportunities to service

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