IFA 2020 Show review

The connected kitchen

Home appliance brands were serving up some serious smart tech at this year’s IFA exhibition. Here’s an overview…


Bosch and Siemens both presented a host of new products. Siemens focused on cookery-related innovations, with its presentation of the new glassdraftAir table-top cooling fan together with two new cooking hobs, activeLight with an interactive light matrix and inductionAir Plus. Meanwhile, with the Bosch Series

6 washer-dryer can handle up to 6kg of laundry using steam assistance, so clothes are wearable directly from the machine – plus

Hygiene Care achieves a high level of hygiene even for fabrics that can’t be washed at high temperatures. In addition, the XXL fridge-freezer

combination offers more space and an A+++ energy efficiency rating. The VitaFresh freshness system ensures that the temperature in specific zones is held constant at zero degrees. Bosch’s largest appliance to date is the 86cm wide, 81cm deep KGN86AI4P. Smart tech fans will like the

remote control via the Home Connect app. Some fridges in the

LG Electronics presented unlike any previous IFA show. President and Chief Technology Officer, Dr I.P. Park, took to the stage in hologram form to talk about Life’s Good from Home, LG’s vision for the future. “These unprecedented times have made us

more uncertain about the future,” he said. “This presents a unique opportunity to make real change in the world by realising a new potential for the home. LG’s AI platform, LG ThinQ, continues to evolve and innovate to create new services, solutions and business models to lead change.” Dr Park demonstrated how the updated LG

ThinQ app uses AI-based Proactive Customer Care (PCC) to analyse and report back the operational status of appliances and even provide maintenance or repair advice.

range even have cameras inside that can be accessed via the app. There was also the introduction of new features and functions to the app, like connectivity via Apple Watch and smart watches with Wear OS by Google. Elsewhere, Bosch’s new Unlimited

Gen2 Serie 8 is a new cordless handstick vacuum cleaner. Available in a variety of versions from February next year, it comes with a new generation of exchangeable 18V Bosch batteries, delivering up to 30 per cent more power.

The manufacturing giant also unveiled a new

washing machine and dryer combo – called WashTower, available before the end of this year. The integrated unit shares information and indicates how long it will take to complete both washing and drying. It’s controlled via a single interface. Also new this year, the improved InstaView

Door-in-Door refrigerator with UVnano, an updated LG Fridge and Freezer pair and latest InstaView ThinQ refrigerator. The latter uses ultraviolet LED light technology to disinfect the water dispenser outlets once every hour (or anytime manually) to remove up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses. LINEAR Cooling minimises temperature fluctuations to create optimal conditions for fresher food, while DoorCooling+ evenly cools the entire refrigerator by distributing powerful airflow from strategically placed vents.

Alongside IFA 2020, Haier Europe launched its award-winning hOn Smart Home app in the UK. Recipient of a Red Dot Award in April this year, it’s developed by Haier’s IoT specialists to provide a single digital platform to control and manage connected appliances from all of Haier Europe’s brands. hOn aims to offer a “next-level

experience”, the manufacturer said, through touch, voice and smart speakers alongside downloadable programmes, recipes, tips and a chatbot function. Initially launching in the UK

on Hoover’s new H-WASH collection, hOn (downloadable

on iOS and Android) will then roll out across other products. Talking of, the H-WASH 500

washing machine offers nine cycles plus Specific Hygiene and Sanitisation cycles. It aims to be the most ecological model on the market with its Aquavision system – which recollects water at the end of the cycle – and Active Dry for sanitisation. Both the H-WASH 500 and H-

DRY 500 tumble dryer can be connected via the hOn app. The Scan to Care function decodes the symbols of the washing label to suggest the correct washing program, allowing to start it directly from the smartphone.

There’s also a Virtual Wardrobe to store garments for future washing. Elsewhere, Candy previewed

Nova, the new connected washing machine that features only a single ‘On’ button – the rest is controlled via the app, or through Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistants hands-free. Nova offers over 60 washing cycles, as well as the Snap&Wash function, which recommends the ideal cycle through a simple photo of the laundry. Candy said that Nova

“represents the future”. There will also soon be a washer-dryer version with more than 20 additional cycles.

October 2020

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