IFA 2020 Show review

Get back to where you once belonged


Missed out on IFA Berlin this year? So did a lot of people. But Daniel Todaro was there for ERT.

superb job at keeping the CE industries key event open, albeit not to the general public. The Coronavirus effect has


impacted the industry at a global level and consumers’ desire for new technology to enhance their home has grown; consumers are keener than ever to enhance their quality of life as the design of the home and everything in it is evolving faster due to the events of this year. A brand that seems to have met

this challenge is BSH, which has added not only smart technology to its range but also a third shelf in its dishwashing range. In addition, the manufacturer has also increased the size of its freezers with an extra 26cm of cubic space. Innovations include changing

his year’s IFA was a much smaller, intimate, socially distanced affair in Berlin. The event organisers did a

hues of ambient lights on hoods and dishwashers to match your mood or interior and also programming your coffee machine to make the perfect cup of coffee just as you, your family and your guests like it. Elsewhere, it’s neat invention, Connected Cookit,

is a

multifunction food processor with cooking functions up to 200 degrees. It’s a slow cooker, but not as you know it; it makes the food, cooks it and connects to your smart devices for remote control. This connectivity extends to BSH ovens and dishwashers etc. from your Fitbit watch whilst you venture out for some exercise.

Unrivalled user experience Investment in R&D are the key shout-outs this year across all brands showcasing at IFA. Amongst the largest was $100bn from Huawei,

which is committing to developing technologies encapsulated in an initiative called ‘1+8+N seamless connected living’. The investment extends into

retail, as Huawei is leading the charge and opening eight flagship stores across major cities such as London, Paris and Milan which will be complemented by 42 experience zones that offer an unrivalled user experience, so it claims. This initiative is close to my heart as the need to engage consumers in the considered purchase space is so important to achieve meaningful sales, market share and create

advocates of your brand if not for life, certainly for the next five years. Another Chinese brand making

significant steps forward is Haier, which also owns Hoover, Candy and GE Appliances; it wants to be 100 per cent connected throughout its portfolio of products. Currently it has 18 families of products it is developing through app and voice connectivity, “democratic connectivity”, according to CEO Zhang Ruimin, with a three- brand strategy of Candy delivering value, Hoover as the core and Haier as premium. Positioning Haier as a premium

brand and claimed to be the fastest growing premium brand (in this category), did you know that Haier makes wine storage solutions? It is linking with the Vivino app to help you with how you should store any bottle of wine. By scanning the label, the app will automatically update the temperature of the storage to suit your choice of wine.

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