July/August 2021

Why should domestic dealers be looking at commercial?...


…Because who doesn’t believe that every opportunity to make a sale should be grabbed with both hands? There is a lot of opportunity out there!


ocal hospitality businesses are soon to be receiving reopening grants and the super deduction also means that investment in new equipment has

very attractive tax benefits. Blue Badger Wholesale is taking the domestic

market by storm. The company has always had a strong connection to the domestic world thanks to both Founding Directors’ time working as Account Managers at Portway Domestics. They spent their formative years building relationships with domestic retailers. Mark Alexander founded the company in 2006 after recognising an opportunity with Vestfrost. Steve Slaughter joined him and over 15 years later Blue Badger Wholesale is now a major player in the commercial equipment world. As Mr Alexander points out: “There is a lot of

cross over between the two markets with projects frequently requiring both domestic and commercial products, but it can be difficult to supply products when you do not have the volume required to get a competitive price. “Blue Badger views itself as your gateway to

the sale; buying through us allows you a share in our expertise and buying power.” Blue Badger’s Sales Manager, Tom Phillips,

added: “Our Account Managers are used to assisting domestic dealers choose the right product for their customer and our marketing department can help make the sale simple. All of our products are available with parts and labour warranty (not always a given in the commercial world) so you can be sure your customer will have the support they require.” Blue Badger is able to deliver directly to your

customer anywhere in the UK on your behalf. Economy delivery in most of mainland UK is available free of charge. Installations can also be

arranged at an additional charge so you can offer the customer the full package. Once you are signed up and verified as a trade

customer, the Blue Badger website has a simple PDF generator which allows you to put your logo and selling price onto a spec sheet in a couple of clicks, plus the whole team is on-hand to help with selling online and branding.

Buying groups At the same time as Blue Badger wanting to get their message out to a wider domestic audience, the buying groups had recognised their members’ need for access to commercial products. Mr Alexander notes: “We joined CIH (Euronics) in March 2020, just at the time that the world was desperate for chest freezers and it has been very successful.” Following on from its success with CIH, Blue

Badger went on to join Sirius Buying Group. Mr Phillips adds: “We had the privilege of attending our first conference in June and were really encouraged by the opportunities that those meetings presented for the future.”

The brands Mr Slaughter highlighted that Blue Badger is proud to wholesale on behalf of a number of well-known brands, such as Foster, Hobart, Vestfrost, Hoshizaki, Gram, Coreco and many more. The company also has a number of brands exclusive in the UK… Whirlpool Professional: The American-style

Atlantis laundry is incredibly popular for being spacious and powerful; the dryer fits a king size duvet with ease. The Omnia professional range has a domestic footprint but each machine has been put through

the machine directive, being tested a minimum of 5,000 times. Blue Badger also wholesales the K20 and K40

icemakers, plus the ever-popular PRO25IX Professional 1,000w microwave – which is available with a ‘buy six, get one free’ offer. Sterling Pro: Blue Badger’s own brand of

commercial refrigeration. “A well respected favourite of refrigeration engineers and project houses, service is at the heart of everything we do,” says Mr Alexander. “We have carefully specified the products to

ensure efficiency and reliability. We are really proud of what it stands for and know that it compares favourably to the well-established premium brands.” Adler Warewashing: Another Blue Badger UK

exclusive – a high quality manufacturer of glass- and dish-washers. Adler has over 250,000 machines in service around the world and this depth of knowledge means it produces reliable and functional products. This is a trend that runs throughout all of Blue Badgers product range. Contact Blue Badger’s sales team on

01264333777 or for a copy of its new brochure.

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