July/August 2021

The SMART Theatre Popcorn Cart (left), the Radio Toaster, and the Samosa Maker (below)

27 Educational and fun SMART saw business thrive during the

pandemic. One customer wrote: “’Why would anyone just buy a toaster while the SMART Tunnel Toaster is much more versatile than any in the market?’ “The Sun newspaper quoted that particular

customer and I have the clip in my office,” says Dr Attia. “Another person wrote about the SMART Samosa Maker: ‘Never heard of a ‘healthy’ samosa cooked to perfection without oil… a smart idea!’” The company also produces the SMART Waffle

Bowl to make breakfast, lunch, snacks or even a full dinner and there’s a healthy pasta maker, which gives you eight different kinds of pasta, and it even comes with your own recipe book. Not forgetting the SMART Voice Egg, a truly smart machine that calls you and tells you that your egg is ready and whether it is soft, medium or hard and ready to eat. Working within a competitive industry, Dr Attia

says he feels it is important that the company employs certain techniques which help it stay ahead of emerging trends and developments. He says the company is always coming up with innovative ideas, and it aims to release new products regularly in order to constantly stay ahead of the market. “Research and development is vital for us.

New ideas, such as our Tunnel Toasters and Breakfast Masters are just a few examples of what we are producing each year that are all year-round pragmatic, clever and cool appliances to have at home. We produce at least two new items per season.”

Dr Attia went on to talk about the instore retail experience, and how the actual purchase process needs to focus on SMART’s uniqueness and quality, he says. “Running demos or video trailers (as we do for

all our products) is both educational and fun for the consumer, but it has to be visible and at the front of the store. Media used, but hidden, or at the check-in point is really a waste of space. We like the new approach of our garden centre clients, they found a great new line of revenue and business showcasing SMART full ranges in many of their stores. “Here at SMART, our mission is to deliver

innovative products at the highest quality with the best price to the UK and international markets. All our products are functional, pragmatic, and most importantly, fun to use!” A family owned company, Dr Attia explains

how the internal structure creates a physical and emotional connection between staff, as they all work hard together to bring these creations to the market. “All our management and employees are our

extended family,” he says. “They all fit in with hard work, belonging emotionally to our purpose and reason for being. We sincerely deliver first class service to all our clients simply because we are blessed with a first class team.” Looking to the future, Dr Attia

predicts that SMART will reach its targets, as he notes that the company is still relatively young, but is already attracting attention from across the industry. This bodes well for SMART, and there looks to be a positive

outlook ahead, particularly so with the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. SMART is already achieving numbers exceeding its projections, especially internationally.

To contact SMART: T: 08444069098

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