July/August 2021

JURA has introduced its latest innovation – cold brew coffee at the touch of a button – with the launch of its new Z10 coffee machine (pictured). According to the company, “it’s a world first in the home coffee category”. “We are number one in premium

bean-to-cup machines,” says Damion Templar, Jura’s UK and Ireland MD. “And we are the only company to focus solely on the bean-to-cup market.”

The new Z10, which comes in Diamond Black and Aluminium White,

doubles the brand’s range of coffee specialties. At the push of a button, it prepares the entire range of hot products, from intense espresso to hip flat white. In addition, with cold brew specialties, it opens up a whole parallel universe of coffee enjoyment for the first time. JURA claims to have “pioneered” the cold brew process – as cold

water is pulsed slowly through the freshly ground coffee under high pressure. The result is a refreshing, energising and wonderfully balanced aroma. The fully automatic machine can be controlled via a double-speed

4.3-inch touch screen and the Blue Crystal Rotary Switch; the specialty selection menu and artificial intelligence make operation easy and

intuitive. Wi-Fi connection is standard in the Z10, so consumers can connect their smart phone for remote control. “We do understand our machines are an investment,” adds Mr

Templar, “and therefore believe in having our machines visible for people to see and touch is very important. To demonstrate, we recommend using our Bluetooth adapter and mobile app to showcase the machine’s features and even create a coffee hands-free.”

“We take inspiration from all things

Brighton Slate Grey. Below right: Heritage English Rose.

British, both classic and modern and our collections are developed with colours influenced by British towns, villages, architecture and landscapes. This is what makes us truly unique. “What’s more, our customers are

becoming so much more aware that premium isn’t just about a label or a brand. If they’re going to invest, it can be the ethos behind that brand that is driving them. Is the packaging recyclable? Is the product environmentally friendly? People want to buy into brands that help them to have a lower carbon footprint.” Mr Bagga concludes that an abundance

of product in the same colour and packaging always makes an impact in a busy retail store. He says: “We’ve had some great displays of our Dorchester collection in stores to help customers envisage how the range would look in their home before making the final purchase.”

Haden recently launched the Dorchester collection, with kettle, four-slice toaster and a matching microwave, coming in quintessentially British Pebble Grey and Sage Green with wood effect details. The brand is also introducing its new

Brighton collection soon – inspired by nautical English seaside towns, pebble beaches and sea huts. The range will include kettles and matching toasters in Slate

Grey, Cloud Grey, Sky Blue and Cornish Cream. There is also a new colour addition to Haden’s Heritage range – English Rose. “Our consumers cover a broad

demographic, from millennials through to empty nesters,” explains company Director, Sachin Bagga. “They value the style our products bring to their kitchens and homes, and they really love to show us their Haden home style on Instagram!


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