July/August 2021

LG HBS-FN7 Ausounds has music-centric brand values that

engage with mainstream and mass-market consumers far more than the traditional ‘audiophile’, while technology is created, approved and endorsed by artists, musicians, engineers and producers across the Los Angeles music scene. Bosses are keen to make their mark on the UK music industry by collaborating with passionate unsigned musicians, producers and songwriters across the UK. Recently launched to the UK are the third ANC

True Wireless earbuds – the AU-Frequency ANC. Featuring Ausounds’ 10mm AU PEEK+PU driver – a lightweight driver technology designed to reproduce a full-range frequency response without the added weight and complexity of multi-driver or Hybrid technologies. Each ear bud weighs just 5.5g. AU-Frequency uses ultra-fast Bluetooth 5.0

technology, has a high capacity battery in the USB-C compatible charge-case, and they are IPX4 waterproof, while touch controls on the outer surface of the earbuds offer instant playback controls and the incorporated microphone accesses any voice assistant. Coming soon from the company are AU-XT

ANC wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones (right, second from bottom) with a 40mm Graphene driver, onboard controls for music and calls, and aptX HD to deliver 24-bit wireless HD audio wirelessly over Bluetooth. Mr Attfield says these will deliver clarity and detailed bass that rivals a premium noise-cancelling over- ear equivalent but at a midmarket price. And talking of over-ear, Yamaha’s latest

introduction is the Bluetooth YH-E700A with Listening Optimiser, Advanced Listening Care and Advanced ANC. “We wanted to combine the accuracy of sound

from our professional audio division with the immersive technologies of home audio,” explains Simon Feben-Harknett, AV Product Specialist at Yamaha. “The YH-E700A is the first complete realisation of these two goals, blending pure raw performance with transformative technologies.

 “We also have a brand new pair of flagship

Bluetooth headphones,” continues Mr Feben- Harknett. “With help from Qualcomm, we have a powerful enough platform to install the very best Digital Sound Field 3D sound modes, derived from CINEMA DSP, a technology found within our AV Receivers. Our YH-L700A’s will offer the truest representation to the listener, which we call True Sound.” By engaging Advanced Listening Care users

can enjoy music at any volume and the finest details of the audio will remain, but to top it off, it’s also aware of changes in background noise with the ability to automatically lower or raise the overall volume by 2db to ensure a high performance. Mr Feben-Harknett adds: “And of course

there’s our Advanced ANC; a unique and proprietary algorithm ensures the music and external noise are clearly identified as separate signals before any corrections take place.” From beyerdynamic (available through Big Red

Sales), the latest headphones include the T5 (closed-back), T1 (open-back) and Lagoon ANC… with “several new additions” to the beyerdynamic family coming soon, confirms Mr Garrett. Beyerdynamic has earned a reputation for top-

quality closed-back headphones over the years. The third gen T5 are serious headphones aimed at those who value serious sound quality; featuring legendary Tesla technology, the company’s acoustical engineers have managed to achieve a more natural reproduction of high mid- range frequencies, so the sound signature is even more realistic. Also coming with Tesla drivers, the T1 (third

gen) boasts richness of detail and spatiality, with gently intensified bass to give the very neutral, spatial sound signature even more warmth. Mr Garrett continues: “With the beyerdynamic

legacy being the creator of the first dynamic headphone, the brand is built on its history. Over the years, people have come to expect the very best in high-quality, precision audio and that’s what we deliver.”

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Sony WF-1000XM4

Yamaha YH-L700A


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