PREMIUM SDA Home Appliances

Small but mighty 20 They may not be big, but the functions and benefits of SDAs are certainly

impressive. Sales in this market have soared in the past 18 months, but what’s new in the world of these worktop wonders? Jack Cheeseman investigates.


he nation is rediscovering its love of cooking and this is reflected in the growing number of kitchen gadgets adorning consumers’ worktops up and down the country, not to mention a huge new wave of inventions coming from small domestic appliance manufacturers.

Within the SDA category, there are some very exciting developments. Not

only are the all-in-one counter-top solutions helping even the most inexperienced consumers produce high quality, fresh food and drinks, but consumers also have an increasing choice of colour and design options to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. The majority of SDA categories enjoyed strong growth last year and

momentum has continued into 2021, thanks mostly to food preparation gadgets that have experienced 62 per cent growth and now account for 30 per cent of the total SDA market.

“From my 20 years in the industry it feels like it’s never been better to be

in SDA,” Swan’s Marketing Director, David Foulstone, tells ERT. “Looking at the data it only seems that ironing has taken a bit of a backseat due to the fact that no one has been going out! “I feel that we have tapped into the under-40 market very successfully,

talking to them and engaging with them in areas they are more comfortable in. We listen and that’s how we generate interest.” Launched only a few months ago was the new sleek and stylish Stealth

range of appliances from Swan, aimed at health-conscious consumers. There’s the Smart Grill, with non-stick grill plates and smart cooking sensors. The 1,200-watt Personal Blender juices, blends and grinds through ice, seeds, skin and stems for healthy smoothies, shakes, soups, sauces and dressings. Not forgetting the 1.7 litre Stealth kettle, four-slice toaster and 800-watt, 20 litre microwave. All Stealth products come in a striking all-black finish, but Mr Foulstone

confirms a couple of new colourways will be revealed at the Exclusively Show in August. When it comes to bold designs, you cannot forget Smeg. Says John Davies,

Head of Marketing: “We hold our own in the premium market with a large range of quality products available in multiple colours; these not only look the part but are made to last with premium, robust materials. We have something for everyone.” Coming in September is a new hand mixer in the 50’s style range, great

for bakers and pizza makers. There is also a new bean-to-cup coffee machine that’s creating quite a bit of excitement! Mr Davies adds: “It has a new contemporary design and comes in three

colourways. The sleek machine allows you to make the freshest coffee from bean to cup.” When it comes to the retail store experience, Mr Davies says live

demonstrations of SDAs are the best way to make a sale, with customers able to get hands-on with all the buttons and functions before they proceed to purchase.

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