PROFILE: SMART Home Appliances

Clever and cool appliances: The SMART premium range SMART is a premier SDA manufacturer


that combines leading technology, design and value for money in all its products.

Dr Sam Attia, the company’s Chairman and CEO, tells Jack Cheeseman all about the latest kitchen gadget innovations.

some of the leading online platforms. Dr Attia tells ERT all about the company’s latest products in the premium sector.


panning UK and international markets, SMART works with many well-renowned clients, including Harrods, Wayfair, Hut Group and other main distributors as well as

“We have a unique range for the UK market

and started the certifications for the new UKCA for all products arriving in the UK in 2022,” he says. “The SMART premium range welcomed the Retro SMART Radio Toaster, a well-received item already pre-ordered by our clients and the first couple of containers are all pre-sold. “We also upgraded our best seller – the SMART

Theatre Popcorn Cart and it will be launched exclusively with Harrods in London.” But what about new introductions coming soon?

“There are plenty,” says Dr Attia, including an upgraded SMART Candy Floss machine and an upmarket three-in-one waffle, panini and grill item that is also nearly sold out before even landing. Dr Attia continues: “We pride ourselves on three

distinct foundations at SMART; firstly, only high quality products to be produced for the UK and our international clients, secondly, best certifications and fair pricing, and thirdly, total service dedication and support for all our clients and distributors. We do not do cheap because we just do not believe in its value to both end consumers and all our retail and wholesale clients. “We ran surveys to find out why our products

The SMART Tunnel Toaster

appeal to certain consumers and there are many reasons why our business saw a multiplication of clients and orders last year, even during the

There is a school of thought that declared the high street as dead, however I think it is just resting!

pandemic. Firstly, SMART’s product quality with its fair price comes as a first reason almost all the time; secondly, is unique design and features that appeal to the users; thirdly, some SMART products cannot be found elsewhere. Few tried to copy them, but could not do the quality and certifications,” Dr Attia explains.

Thriving business When asked how he thinks the SDA market is developing, given the boom in home appliances during the pandemic, Dr Attia replies: “There is a school of thought that declared the high street as dead, however I think it is just resting!” He believes that because the pandemic hit so

quickly some outlets were not prepared, but he adds that the high street will be revived, “albeit slowly” he says.

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