16 The smart good life

Better days are ahead, and LG is determined to help consumers feel good with an uplifting and catchy new brand campaign. With a strong portfolio in home entertainment already, one particular focus for Peter Booth, LG’s Commercial Director CE, is the company’s expanding range of appliances. Here, he sits down with Jack Cheeseman.


hen people think of top-of- the-range big-screen TVs, one particular brand will always come to mind. And with its underlying belief of

‘Life’s Good’, LG has just kicked off a pan- European brand campaign at a time when the good parts of life are actually returning; this will highlight not just the company’s award-winning OLED evo TVs but a whole host of LG’s recent innovations, including InstaView refrigerators, TurboWash washing machines, TONE Free earbuds and Gram laptops. Titled ‘The Smart Good Life’, the campaign includes

a TV advert designed to appeal to technology enthusiasts and smart home users, as well as aesthetic design lovers. It’s sure to get stuck in your head too, as it plays out to the soundtrack of ‘It’s a Hard-Knock Life’ from the musical ‘Annie’, but it’s been cleverly reworked with the line: “It’s a Smart Good Life”. Demonstrating how all LG’s electronics and

appliances can bring people together is an important message for the Korean manufacturing giant, as

brown goods are its leading categories in the UK but there is a huge opportunity for white goods to be just as big, as Peter Booth, Commercial Director CE, explains in this exclusive interview with ERT… “Home appliances is the biggest part of our global

business, at around 33 per cent and 21 per cent for home entertainment, which surprises some people because in the UK entertainment leads the way by quite a margin; so at a local level it’s our chance to build the home appliances business, which we are doing really rapidly now!” Adds Mr Booth: “Shean Smith [Home Appliances

Sales Director] and our team are continually driving our momentum on the foundations we have built with our UK partners over recent years. “We are not interested in volume share or entry

price points, but instead creating a value proposition and we’ve got big plans to drive this aim harder. Any consumer won’t trade up unless you give them good reason; how can we engage consumers to spend a bit more on a product that, over its lifetime, will cost them less and be much more efficient? That is a constant educational pitch that we need to make clear.”

Although, perhaps that message is getting through

to consumers and the wider industry, as proven with a string of recent awards – Best New Product Consumer Electronics for the C9 OLED TV at the ERT Awards in December, for example, and an assortment of Which? accolades to boot, including Home Entertainment Brand of the Year for 2020. Not only this, but the most recent list of Best Buy TVs saw LG occupy 19 of the top 20 product rankings; it’s also had the top Best Buy washing machine and fridge- freezer within previous months. Mr Booth says this recognition is testament to LG’s

product development teams – some 25,000 engineers working at the new Magok Science Park in Seoul, which opened last year. “This part of the company is something we are

massively proud of – it’s our investment into our future and into the industry, to bring a continual stream of exciting, award-winning products that offer real value,” he explains. “All our awards and recognition I believe should be sent straight to Seoul as these engineers deserve them – they are our true heroes.”

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