In home appliances we saw demand for our

steam washing machines, side-by-side refrigeration and our new LG Clothes Styler – all of which offer 99.9 per cent allergen and bacteria-free washing/function cycles. In refrigeration there’s also UV nano technology And we've just been named global number one in home appliance sales for this year as well!


Q: How do you see your key product segments developing? PB: This year we had EURO 2020 and next year we’re straight into the World Cup, so arguably we have already gone through a period of the market pulling forward as people spent their disposable income. And I expect the second half of this year could be tougher, especially against the second half of 2020. The other thing, of course, is the property

market; house prices have boomed during the pandemic and no one expected that. If people are moving they need new kit but likewise if they are staying put and doing their houses up they still want new kit! Our industry has been super fortunate versus

many others – and we should all be grateful for that. The trends in spends we have seen through COVID-19 have been nothing short of remarkable as we have seen a huge surge in the purse! However, I am very sure that future purse will also be spent on holidays, hobbies and other things as we hopefully return to anything we could consider ‘normal’ again. That said, we will remain positive; our

ambition to grow our business together will not fade as the markets we deal in are huge and, in the main, are needs-based. There will always be room for quality and innovation, too.

Q: You’ve said in the past “retail isn’t dead, it’s just changing”. Where do you stand on that now, and how are you working through these changes with your retail partners? PB: Collaboration has been key. We’ve worked more closely with more retailers more often than we’ve ever done before. The early days of lockdown we were having weekly calls with our key accounts to try and navigate the challenge together. At times of crisis there is also opportunity. You

can’t do it alone and I hope if you asked any independent retailer they would say they feel fully supported by LG. Of course, when retailers could see their

customers face-to-face it was all about the consultative sales pitch, asking them fact-finding questions to identify their needs and requirements. And thankfully that’s coming back now, with overall high street footfall figures across the UK quite strong in recent months. But while the world is going digital – although

I don’t believe retail will ever go completely digital – there’s still a really good chance to ask ourselves things like “how did that customer shop? Why did that product sell better than others?” Because the great thing about digital is it’s all measured – the clicks don’t lie! Online activity tells you how consumers are behaving and it’s how you use that data that will give you the edge over competitors. Thanks to COVID and the rapid changes in consumer behaviour, manufacturers and retailers can use this information to work better together in the future.

Q: So how is LG engaging with the end consumer via the retail channel these days? PB: We have a strong National Store Ambassador network that offers retailer training and instore demo services. We have further extended this with live demos via We’ve also got a new Head of Independents and

Ireland. We were sad to see Mark Greig leave us after 14 successful years, but at the same time excited to support Nathan Booker taking over the role. His existing experience and track record at LG make him perfectly positioned to build on the foundations that Mark laid and help drive our retail channels to the next level. From a marketing perspective we have

continually invested in above-the-line, digital and through-the-line campaigns throughout the pandemic. Already this year we invested over £5 million in our brand campaign and supporting our partnership with the FA during EURO 2020 across digital media, TV and socials, highlighting our entire product range and driving customers to store. And in the second half of 2021, we’ve got the

‘Smart Good Life’ campaign running until November, which is a $20 million investment in our brand storyline. The UK was chosen exclusively alongside Germany and France for this and it’s really, really exciting for our customers and retail partners.

Q: You recently opened your new showroom at your Weybridge HQ. What is your ambition with this space? PB: We have got some growing parts of our business; in our computer division, for example, we’ve got more monitors and laptops than ever before as well as some professional screens for use in clinical areas. Some of these need demonstrating in a particular way, alongside our usual appliances and brown goods of course. So we thought it was about time to show off

our leading technology but also use this multi- purpose showroom as a training facility. There are product demo rooms where our store ambassadors offer tutorials featuring our swish new revolving wall of LG’s leading A/V tech and appliances. It’s like Q’s gadget lab in James Bond!

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