Q: What are your key areas of the new Smeg display? DC: The front of the store is a real focal point. We have significant footfall passing our shop every day and our large windows are a huge attraction. So this is where we placed our beautiful working kitchen and a couple of show-stopping range cookers and hoods. A key thing was to also include SDA displays and these are lit up day and night to create a 24-hour advertisement for the Coopers brand and Smeg. But the store goes right back beyond our initial

display and we cover everything from the 120cm Portofino Cooker down to the 60cm Victoria Oven. So it’s not just about big products, it’s also about big sellers, from the iconic FAB refrigeration to sinks and taps. We now showcase an impressive selection of Smeg products covering all these product categories. Admittedly I have given Smeg a sizable amount of

floor space but I don’t think I could have done it with any less. And they managed to nab themselves a prime window position! I intend to continue the working displays

throughout the showroom with several other select manufacturers; luckily I have plenty of unoccupied space within the building which I can move into as the business grows.

KH: We are really pleased with our position. The window space is incredible. There is a lot of passing traffic and footfall and by showing products such as our orange Portofino and blue 50’s style fridges, Coopers offers a point of difference to attract people inside. And Darrin’s team have got the skills to convert curious customers into solid sales.

DC: Coopers has always been known for its inventive window displays and we’ve done some really amazing and unusual displays over the years. And we’ve won a few awards along the way – including the ERT Awards Domestic Appliances Retailer of the Year in 2017 and 2019!

Q: Where would you like to go next with this concept, and with your store in general? DC: This project is all about creating experiences for customers and I want to try and do it all – live demonstrations, professional talks and food and wine evenings; we’ve even got the wine refrigeration on show now, which is perfect. This is definitely the future of retailing. People can shop so easily online now you have to give them a reason to venture out. I also want to collaborate with other local

businesses that share the same values as me. One thing that Bath has in abundance is a very well respected artisan food industry, so I’ve teamed

up with some of these independent businesses who will be holding demonstrations with us. If we can work together and both benefit then why not team up! It’s all about helping each other and being independent together.

We’ve got a huge reputation to uphold and Bath is a great destination city

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