PREMIUM SDA Home Appliances

“The SDA market has gained in

strength during the pandemic; consumers obviously boiled their kettles a lot and ate more toast with more family members being at home,” comments Mr Sillett. While iron sales have been knocked


Following the introduction of the Funky Kettle and Funky Toaster in Spring this year, The Funky Appliance Company is bringing in three new colourways – Copper, Black and White – across its range, which also incorporates the original Funky Iron. Next year we’ll see a brand new Funky

Microwave, and Joe Sillett, the company’s Co-Founder and CEO, tells ERT a new Mixer will go into development soon.

Beko is helping consumers keep clean and tidy at home with its PowerClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (VRT94929VI) and Steam Generator Iron (SGA8328B). “Beko brings performance, style and

innovative technology together for everyone,” says Vijay Bhardwaj, Marketing Director, Beko UK and Ireland. “Our PowerClean vacuum [below] delivers outstanding power and flexibility at a competitive price point.” With 165 Air Watts suction power,

indeed it is one of the most powerful cordless vacuums in the market. It comes packed with PerformCyclone technology that can vacuum up dirt buried deep into the carpet and the HEPA10 filter then makes sure that even the smallest dust particles aren’t released back into the air. Mr Bhardwaj continues: “We are looking to build on our success with Smart

thanks to the lockdowns, he goes on, but this has been “more than compensated” by strong demand for kettles and toasters. The continuing trend in home renovations and house-moving has had a positive knock-on effect on the SDA sector. Mr Sillett adds: “Funky products are

unique-looking; our appeal is that consumers are making a statement when they buy our products. Consumers need to be able to see and touch things and the visual appeal of the range should attract the customer’s eye. What better way to do that than to actually group the products together. Most of our customers buy a Funky Kettle and Toaster as a set, so it’s important that they are not in separate parts in store.”

PowerClean Pro. It will be the most technologically advanced floorcare product we have ever launched. It delivers up to 210W of suction and Auto Surface Detection will adjust the power according to each floor type, while the LCD screen gives real- time charge status updates. It even notifies when there is a blockage and which part of the appliance needs to be cleared. “There’s also the newly-launched

ErgoClean vacuum cleaner – a lightweight solution while cleaning on the go and the 45 minute run time is enough to complete a cleaning routine.” Meanwhile, Beko’s existing Steam

Generator Iron offers SteamXtra technology, which directs the power deep into the fabric of clothes at criss-cross angles, covering a wider area and ensuring the heat is distributed evenly. Protecting laundry from damage, the Smart Mode automatically adjusts the heat and steam for each type of fabric. “When it comes to purchasing, should

the consumer want the reassurance of seeing a product in-store, it should be on display, powered where possible and sales colleagues should be well versed in the stand-out technologies and trade-up options,” says Mr Bhardwaj. “For floorcare, run time information is

especially important, as is understanding whether there are pets in the house, types of flooring and number of rooms – no one wants a vacuum that gives up mid-way through a clean or isn’t fit for purpose.”

July/August 2021

Over at RKW, the latest from the Tower brand is the Belle collection, with its premium Parisian design, curved shapes and on-trend colourways with the use of sophisticated vintage Midnight Blue – this has been forecasted by WGSN for longevity. There is also further investment coming

with a wealth of new products in the second half of this year. The Renaissance range is one of them, encapsulating the appeal of antiquity design to suit the tastes of the modern day consumer. Air Fryers are another area the brand has seen incredible commercial success with over two million Vortx Air Fryers sold in the UK and Ireland to date. “We are determined to keep up with

consumer demand into 2021 with new product developments,” says Gary Sharp, Group SDA Sales Director at RKW. The Vortx Vizion Air Fryers and 10-in-one

Xpress Air Fryer Oven (above) expand upon the company’s previous offering with new functionality and a large viewing window to easily monitor food without having to remove the basket. “Our 10-in-one Xpress is an advanced

successor to our best-selling five-in-one Rotisserie model,” explains Mr Sharp, “bundling in new accessories with a reversible chargrill and pizza plate, 10 kebab skewers, oven mitts and printed recipe book to create a complete Air Fryer package.” Mr Sharp goes on: “The SDA market has

benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic with tremendous growth in food preparation, bread making and home entertainment. This behaviour has ultimately influenced our decision to create intuitive food preparation products for our Tower Cavaletto collection. Until UK lockdown restrictions start to ease off, it’ll be difficult to determine whether these trends will continue.”

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