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For more than 60 years Spoolex has been engineering and manufacturing converting machinery

Robot System and Automation Division, Roll Concept Industrial Rollers Division and Decoup+, and Ultrasonic Cutting and Welding Division – offer equipment and accessories to efficiently convert sensitive materials. It is also certified ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The smart synergy of the company’s four brands has lead Spoolex to propose globally optimised and adapted solutions.


CALEMARD CONVERTING MACHINERY Christian Montusclat, sales manager of Calemard Industry Division, says, “Spoolex, through its Calemard brand and its 62 years’ experience in converting equipment, gets a strong process and product expertise and is recognised by the major players as a world leader in handling sensitive materials”. This leading position naturally drives the company to business sectors where slitting quality, tight-tolerance and compliance demands for highly regulated sensitive products are necessary, even on narrow products. “Our multi-purpose spooling line range is

allowing us to make a breakthrough in the processing of sensitive materials including films, foils, adhesive tapes, safety tapes, water swellable tapes, PTFE and other technical textiles nonwovens composites. The spooling range can be used for precision slitting, even on narrow strips down to 2mm. It also has low and accurate tension control, precise strip conveying and guiding, and optimised winding patterns via digital, computerised technologies to manage standard or self-traversing spooling patterns independently on each head,” adds Montusclat. Calemard’s custom digital spooling lines use

he French manufacturer’s four worldwide brands - Calemard Converting Equipment Division, RSPI

crush, shear or razor interchangeable slitting systems to convert mother rolls of 300mm width (or more) and up to 800mm outer diameter (up to 1,000mm), into strip widths from 2mm, and spool outer diameters up to 500mm (and even 1,200mm). A deep understanding of winding technology, combined with modular machine design, allows Calemard to offer customised solutions. Montusclat adds, “To complete our standard

reliable slitter-rewinder range we have been continuously expanding our range of solutions, especially those fully automated and continuous, like our Turret winder equipment.” For many years Calemard has proposed in-line

turret winders to convert and rewind large webs of plastic films and nonwovens. Today, the company also offers in-line centre driven turret winders for narrow web (down to 700mm), even for sticky materials. Montusclat says, “This last range is specially developed to cut in-line narrow tapes down to 20 or 30mm. We have also worked on turret spoolers for in-line continuous spooling direct from extrusion.”

STRONG ORGANISATION “Thanks to a systematic approach based on the analysis of customer needs, and to a flexible organisation, we closely support our customers throughout the converting projects process, from our first point of contact through to the finished equipment ready to produce,” adds Montusclat. Calemard can rely on Spoolex’s integrated

research and development and engineering departments to design tailored machines and to support its customers in choosing the most suitable technological solutions. “Due to our testing shop, our process specialist can set-up and performs trials.

Support such as this is definitive to creating the most cost-effective solutions, whether they are standard or specific. More than a simple machine manufacturer, Spoolex is a process expert,” concludes Montusclat. The company has a technical team of skilled

technicians and engineers with strong material and tension control expertise, allowing the company to constantly innovate and offer additional solutions to boost productivity. The company invests five per cent of its turnover in research and development each year and has a current portfolio of 22 patents. Moreover, its customer service team is dedicated to supporting Spoolex’s customers all over the world with technical assistance (on-site or using VPN to fix a problem remotely), as well as training and commissioning.

Christian Montusclat, sales manager, Calemard Industry Division

IN CONSTANT MOTION The foremost important step in Spoolex’s long- term strategy was the integration of RSPI, which occurred in July 2016. This was challenging, but its success allowed the Group to move forward to improve its offer, from single machine to turnkey converting cells with automation and robots. Then, last year, to support its

growth, Spoolex began expanding its testing laboratory (equipment and area) to allow trials on all slitting and winding technologies. The company also began a plant expansion (with a 50 per cent larger production area) to meet the increased demand of converting cells. Additionally, Spoolex has started to set-up a new corporate website for the company. All of these developments are expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

8 September 2017

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