Slitting & Rewinding

Manufacturing expansionand success in sales U

niversal Converting Equipment has reported a record year in 2017, with sales 60 per cent higher than in 2016, which

was also a record year. This development has been driven by the rapid growth in sales of the Universal X6 slitting machine. To accommodate this growth, Universal has recently purchased an additional manufacturing unit on the same industrial estate and is actively looking for a further unit. Although the new unit is only 8,000sq ft, it has allowed the manufacture of subassemblies and automatic CCA core cutters to be moved out of the main production area. Commenting on the expansion, Alan Jones,

managing director, said, “Sales of the Universal X6 slitting machine have been tremendous over the last two years and we are set for another year of growth next year. The additional building, together with some re-organisation of our existing buildings, will allow the manufacturing area to be increased by 50 per cent. We are currently negotiating for another similar building as we can see ourselves outgrowing the space again. “The Universal X6 slitter rewinder is available with a complete package of automation systems to maximise both quality and productivity whilst being simple for the operator to use. We have exciting plans to continue this development of automation systems to ensure our machines offer the highest productivity available. These systems have been cost engineered so they become the

THE X6 DUPLEX SLITTER REWINDER The X6 Duplex Slitter Rewinder is suitable for film producers and flexible material converters. The X6 is capable of processing a wide range of films, foils, papers and laminates. The Universal X6 slitter is designed for quality and productivity. The Universal X6 slitting machine has been designed to produce perfect slit rolls time and time again. This versatile machine incorporates Universal’s closed loop Total Tension Control System, ensuring consistent and


systems for most of the

machines we produce. Offering free lifetime on-line and telephone support has given our customers the assurance that if they have any problems in the future they can call on us for help without any upfront costs or contracts. The result of this friendly approach and the high quality machinery has been multiple orders from several of the major global flexible packaging companies.”

repeatable roll tension profiles. Using digital AC vector drives and an integrated control system, the machine offers control whilst being simple and friendly to operate. The use of high quality components and

extensive on machine diagnostics reduces on- going maintenance requirements. Most of the mechanical parts for the Universal X6 slitter are manufactured in Universal’s machine shop using the latest CNC equipment. 

September 2017


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