Web Tension & Guiding

For years, a trend in printing and finishing operations, in the labelling industry, has been to process thinner, more technical and often more fragile substrates. This solves web handling problems such as slack web, product stretching and loss of registration, and has become an interesting way to improve quality and reduce waste. With 50 years of experience,

Merobel's engineering team know that an optimum way to enhance the performance of new equipment, and to refurbish existing machines, is to improve tension control. The company’s field experience has proven that a web tension control system needs to include controllers and sensors in order to guarantee accurate and consistent tension levels on a running product. The

DGT300+, Merobel’s most recent digital controller, includes advanced technology. The device includes hardware that enables high-speed computation and software that covers multiple tension or torque control applications, and additionally, web tension application parameters such as web elasticity, bobbin rotational inertia, continuous or stop-and-go running processes and a range of diameter variations. Designed for both closed and open

loop tension control, the DGT300+ is a turnkey solution for unwinding, rewinding and intermediate tension control applications. The system can be set up through

Tension control in narrow web labelling machines

its user-friendly Windows PC interface (with touchscreen features available), or through its front panel keyboard that includes specific web tension control functions, such as E- stop proportional to the set point, soft start, hold and release, taper tension and no-stop splice turrets, among others. Tuning is made easy by the

Windows PC interface that offers flexibility for production, especially when often and fast changes are necessary. This is crucial for reading and modifying all parameters, and making data records of the inputs and outputs when troubleshooting. The DGT300+ also features the

data exchange protocols such as the Modbus TCP/IP, which ensures a direct connection to the main

machine's PLC. The Windows

PC software enables

communication functions such as distant remote

control, troubleshooting analysis and system

diagnostics. These features enable procedures to be set up overseas via the internet. Compatible with any usual position sensors, US sensors, and any available load cells technologies, the design developed by Merobel allows full digital calibration. Also offered are advanced regulation features, such as automatic PID coefficients variation, mixed open and closed loop control, inertia compensation, smooth start up with programmable slope as well as motor and drive specific algorithms. In addition, direct control of EMP brakes and clutches are available through a built-in power amplifier. Modular web tension systems combine flexibility, accuracy and low power consumption.

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