Advertisement Digital Print for Packaging Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2017 Companies that have already confirmed their

attendance at the conference include: Müller Dairy, Partner in Pet Food, Procter & Gamble, BHS Corrugated, Mondi, DuPoint and Twinings. Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are still

available. For more information contact Stephen Hill, head of operations, For more information on the show or to book

tickets visit the link below. 

Germany, December 5-7, 2017 to attend the sixth edition of Smithers Pira’s Digital Print for Packaging Europe conference. Digital Print for Packaging Europe, since its inception, has been regarded as the best place to get an extensive overview of all things digital print for packaging. As a relatively new technology, digital print is only just beginning to infiltrate the packaging market and demonstrate its true potential for seamless and personalised advertising, both on and offline. Digital printing is also becoming increasingly


ore than 150 key stakeholders from the digital print for packaging industry will convene in Berlin,

cost-effective and offers the same standard of quality as more traditional printing methods. This conference will bring together the leading industry players, brands, converters and equipment providers to discuss market overviews, the latest insights into technological developments and brand owner case studies. C. Banting, DS Smith, says, “It is an excellent event that highlights where the future of digital printing is headed and what it can do now in satisfying the ever changing demands of customers.” The focus for this year’s conference is ‘getting

closer to the consumer’. This motivation will focus on how to use digital print to provide consumers with products they will value and want to buy.

THE 2017 PROGRAMME WILL INCLUDE SESSIONS SUCH AS: - ‘Brand Owner Perspectives and Consumer Engagement’ with presentations from Unilever, Nestlé and Coca-Cola. - ‘How Digital Print Drives Growth in Flexible Packaging and Labels’ – real life case studies with presentations from Velox, ebeam Technologies, Armor Industrial Inks Lab, Landa, Christiansen Print, Alexir and Xerox. - ‘How Digital Print Drives Growth in Folding Cartons and Corrugated Packaging’ – real life case studies with presentations from Heildelberger Druckmaschinen, BOBST, Konica Minolta, Sun Automation and Kodak. - ‘Pre-Press Workflow, Embellishment’ with presentations from Scodix, GlobalVision, adphos.

Electrostatic and Process solutions for Pharmaceuticals, Print, Packaging, Plastics and Food

CHARGING Electrostatic Innovations

Electrostatic Innovations DISCHARGING

September 2017


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