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Versatile infrared measurement sensor for film, sheet and coatingapplications


DC Technologies, one of the leading global providers of precision measurement and control solutions,

has announced FilmPro, its new modular high-performance infrared thickness sensor. FilmPro is a universal single-sensor solution for film, sheet and coating measurement applications, including thin film to thick sheet products with multi- layer discrimination. FilmPro’s new optical engine has been enhanced to improve signal-to-noise, accuracy, web flutter and the effect of optical interference. FilmPro is NDC’s most versatile infrared

gauge to date, measuring clear, pigmented, voided or pearlised products, plus tints, in total or as stripes. It measures the true thickness and weight of voided, microporous or breathable films and derived density. It can measure costly barrier materials, such as Nylon, EVOH or PVDC simultaneously with other polymers such as PE, PP or Ionomer. An issue confronting the accurate infrared

measurement of thin films is called Optical Interference (OI). This can negatively affect the accuracy of infrared film measurement due to reflected light within thin film structures. FilmPro’s new design has an

optional Fringe Suppression Optics (FSO) module with a more efficient optical engine that is unaffected by film thickness changes and scanner misalignment or run-out. For biaxially orientated films, FilmPro

provides direct thickness measurement of clear, filled, voided or pearlescent films. It addresses the issue of measuring the thickness of voided films and materials that exhibit density variation with its patented optical design, selection of discrete near infrared wavelengths and powerful sensor algorithms. These combine to directly measure the true thickness and mass of these films. For blown film applications, FilmPro can

measure up to six individual product components using a single gauge. These include total film thickness measurement of coextruded products such as PET, PP/PE, PS, PVC, EVOH, PMMA, PA and Ionomer. FilmPro can also measure other high-value blown films such as laminating grades, protective films, and agriculture films. For cast film applications, FilmPro

provides superior measurement performance for CPE, CPP, cast stretch film, embossed cast films, barrier films, PVB windshield or window films and breathable

films. With embossed films, FilmPro can handle most colours except very dark or opaque films, while cast stretch film measurements include clear, tinted colours and black tinted products. Finally, FilmPro can measure organic or

water-based coatings on film by simultaneously measuring the substrate and coating thickness.

more streamlined and efficient than ever before due to its all-in-one Quality Control Platform. Ensuring error free operation, the single, unified

A new outlook withQuality Control Platform A

s one of the world leaders in the development of proofreading technologies, GlobalVision is helping operations become

application for desktop deployment, delivers easy access to every intuitive inspection tool, but removes unnecessary steps and wasted time. This latest generation of an updated proofreading solution includes a range of key improvements. Users will immediately discover a comprehensive list of advantages, from using Adobe as a PDF generation engine, to improved support for colour separations and a side-by-side view for graphics inspection. GlobalVision’s Quality Control Platform is

integrated into Esko’s workflow server Automation Engine 16. The Automation Engine automates prepress tasks, which speeds up the process, reduces error rate and the need for operator intervention. It should be noted that Esko recently won an EDP Award in 2017 for technical innovation at FESPA in Hamburg. The award was won for its Automated Quality Assurance software, developed by Esko and its industry partners, including GlobalVision.

The award winning solution contains a set of

strong features that automatically inspects and compares files by catching and highlighting problems with spelling, text, barcodes, braille, colours, and more packaging specific items in the prepress workflow. Jonathan Hou, director of technology, Global

Vision, says, “The integration with our Quality Control Platform provides an all-in-one quality assurance solution that runs as a background process and results in an annotated and viewable design file within. It delivers a rapid and systematic review of all detected packaging and labelling errors throughout the workflow, from upstream design to print. “Label and packaging producers are today

facing an array of production challenges, exacerbated by fast turnaround, short runs and a high degree of versioning, as brand owners strive to balance impactful and informative designs,” adds Hou. “We work with partners to make this process as simple, easy and effective as possible. Wherever we can streamline and eliminate production stages we are helping to reduce human touchpoints and cut time to market.”

30 September 2017

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