Web Handling and Winding Seminar 21-23 November 2017 – Mainz, Germany


o be held at the AC Hotel Mainz, these technical sessions bring renowned expert Tim Walker to the European converting


packaging and label workflow, while assuring consistent colour quality. A modular software with a modern, intuitive Windows design plus drag,


2-day Session - Web Handling – 21-22 November Topics covered in the Principles of Web Handling include the critical areas of

tension control, web tracking, roller choices and their effects, machine alignment and web defects such as roping, telescoping, and staring. Though theory is included, emphasis is placed on practical problem solving techniques with real-world applications. 1-day Session – Winding – 23 November The Principles of Winding one-day seminar covers all aspects of winding, including the physics of winding, roll quality, and winder design and operations. This seminar builds on the Principles of Web Handling session, applying the best practices of web handling to the winding process, but also stands alone as a thorough overview of all things winding. Register for all three days and save $300!

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drop, search, sort and export features, GSE Ink manager offers the functionality equivalent to a modern ERP system. GSE Ink manager supports all the main workflow steps, enabling process

improvement in several ways, including: • instant, precise ink dispensing from base components

• reusing return inks in complex ways • providing precise real-time stock level information and management reports for improved forecasting

• temporary and permanent colour corrections • batch / component traceability • easy integration with ink formulation, management information and cloud software functions There is an optional Wifi connection to the dispenser, plus an app allowing remote data entry and access to real-time information. Mobile phone connectivity allows remote control of process steps. Furthermore, GSE unveils its revamped website. A refreshing design helps

label, packaging and textile printers better understand the significance of waste elimination, and find ink logistics solutions tailored to their needs.; tel: +31 (0)575 568 080 Nova Films & Foils chooses Vetaphonefor its customised work N

ova Films & Foils offers a customised coating and converting service to industries as diverse as graphic arts to

electronics and industrial markets. The company, located in Bedford, OH, and its 13- strong workforce is headed by Rick Huskey, Larry Meinen, and Bruce Allaben, who bring their specialist talents to bear on a range of prototype, sampling and test products that may (or may not) go on to full commercial production elsewhere. Currently, more than 70% of the company’s output is customised work. Huskey explained: “Our compact size and

experience allows us to offer the flexibility that large manufacturers need but cannot supply without sacrificing technical-know-how of a large company. We have been successful in generating creative solutions where larger companies have tried, tried and failed, or were unwilling to try. We do not automatically say ‘No’ to crazy ideas.” With the emphasis on quality, Nova Films & Foils needs to choose its technology carefully if it is to meet our ISO 9001:2008 criteria. “Our workforce here is both highly skilled and flexible, with most people capable of multi-tasking across at least four machines. By keeping costs down and productivity up, we’ve enjoyed a steady year on year growth of around 15%,” he added. With a need to corona treat at least 50% of its

work, the company searched the market for the most reliable technology with ease of use, and hit upon Vetaphone, the company that invented the process in the 1950s and has pioneered surface treatment techniques ever since.

of a new coater laminator in 2014 highlighted a 36 September 2017

need for high quality corona treatment, and Vetaphone single and double- sided units were installed on the 65” wide machine that is capable of 600 ft/min. “We chose

Vetaphone because it was highly specified at a competitive price. It also looked better- designed and engineered, and we are convinced we made the right choice,” commented Allaben. The corona units drew particular praise for their small footprint and the ease with which they were integrated into the new coating line. “The design of the electrode cartridges allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance, and any after sales support we’ve needed has been prompt and efficient,” he added, mentioning the on-call technical back-up available from Vetaphone. According to Huskey, the consistent dyne levels

The installation

Contact Zoe Revell - Tel: +44 (0)1622 699117

GSE Ink manager:software for removing ink waste debuts at Labelexpo

t Labelexpo Europe, ink logistics solutions provider GSE (stand 7D59) introduces GSE Ink manager, a new soſtware for comprehensively eliminating ink-related waste from the

Rick Huskey and Bruce Allaben praise the Vetaphone corona unit for its small footprint and ease of maintenance.

achieved by the corona treaters across a range of substrates has allowed the company to develop new products and be more responsive to its customers’ demands. “It gives us greater confidence in what we’re selling – and I get a better

night’s sleep too,” he said with a smile. Critical to the work handled by Nova is tight tolerance and consistent performance so that any future commercial production quality matches that of the prototype work produced. Materials handled vary from very high surface tension of 50 dynes/sq/cm or more, such as metals, to high surface tension with a rating of 35 – 45 dyne such as Polyester, Vinyl and Nylon, to ratings of 35 dyne or less, which includes PE, PP, and PVA.

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