Slitting & Rewinding

Optifoil is established worldwide


xactly 10 years ago, Achenbach Buschhütte, specialist in rolling mill machinery, took the strategic decision

to collectively expand its range of Achenbach Optimill rolling mills alongside the Achenbach Optipure — a variety of process and media systems — by also offering foil slitting machinery under the brand name Achenbach Optifoil. In response, Axel Barten, president and CEO of

Achenbach, said, “Our goal is to provide our rolling mill customers with innovative and effective foil slitting machinery, solving often very challenging separating and slitting tasks. We want to remain specialists, but simultaneously expand our product range to provide maximum customer benefit.” Achenbach had aimed to optimise the

manufacturing process of foil products from beginning to end. The company built rolling mill machinery, foil slitting machinery and offered tailor-made solutions. Following this, in 2016, Barten said, “Achenbach

are being well-received by the worldwide foil slitting machinery markets. A large number of Achenbach Optifoil doublers, separators and slitters have been put into operation and are running in many countries satisfactorily. This includes new installations as well as complete transformations, mainly focusing on aluminium, but also on copper and brass products.” Among the customers are technology-leading

brands such as Hydro, Amcor, Alcoa, Assan, Asas, Constantia, UACJ, Kunshan, Laminazione Sottile.

HIGH-QUALITY COMPONENTS Optifoil foil slitting machines include components that are made to last. This applies, for example, to the particularly solid and robust design of machine frames, which have been made to avoid vibration and the use of high- quality parts such as drive components and slitting and winding tools. For the customer and machine operator, these components create benefits such as faster machine speed, higher process stability and elevated machine uptime.

INNOVATIVE COMPONENTS The single contact roller system’s technology is an innovation created with special requirements for quality and productivity. This device has been patented and is an integral feature of all-new Achenbach Optifoil HeavySlit foil slitting machines. The success of the HeavySlit is based on this feature. Achenbach has also developed a process control system. This is applied to all Optifoil

14 September 2017

machines and approved by customers. Achenbach is one of the only suppliers using a

system of outbalanced contact rollers in all its slitter types. The combination of single driven contact rollers and a hydro-pneumatic pressure system achieves the best possible results in all product areas, from the compact separator for capacitor foil to the foil separator for large rolls.

SHORT DOWN-TIMES Fast process speeds are a starting point for achieving high productivity, the short down- times in the production process of any doubler, separator or slitter, including dead-cycle times, are the other. In product fields with highly developed technology, like foil slitting machines, reducing down-times becomes a key role in increasing productivity. Particular emphasis is placed on entry-coil loading and finished-roll unloading. New control systems and constructional solutions speed up the handling considerably, and thus lead to considerable reductions in dead-cycle times and down-times. One example is the automatic finished roll removal, which tilts the material directly on the pallet so that it can then be removed.

MINIMUM CONVERSION TIMES The market for products made from aluminium foil has developed in such a way that companies operating aluminium foil slitting machines need to be productive and flexible in production. The aim is to minimise stock and guarantee delivery to downstream users. Small lots and short response times have become increasingly competitive for operating companies. For the manufacturer, especially of slitters, this means that the machine design has to be capable of processing even smaller production units of different foil products, without significantly affecting productivity and without losing quality.

INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY An important factor in the success of developing technical solutions is an interdisciplinary manner, something that is rigorously pursued by Achenbach. Integrated technology means adopting a holistic approach with a two-way development process involving mechanical design and in-house process automation, and having a high precision drive geared towards this development.

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