Film & Foil Creating an exceptional foil solution

Richard Burhouse, commercial director, API, outlines how API stays ahead of the curve in providing cutting- edge brand enhancement products for the fast-changing luxury goods market

every passing year, API is seeing new trends that are altering the market and its role within it, such as the growing trend for premiumisation and segmentation in luxury goods and the advent of super-luxury. In such a fast-moving climate, the company strives to stay ahead of the curve in order to continue offering brands the most powerful and advanced foil and laminate solutions that make products stand out. One way the company


does this is through its annual Trends Folio. A working document for designers, agencies, and brand owners, the API Trends Folio outlines the latest trends in luxury foils and laminates in a compact, beautifully

he world of luxury packaging is moving faster than ever. With

updating its portfolio with new launches. The most recent of these is the company’s new and improved TA+ cold foil, which offers designers and printers quality including fineness of detail and over-printability. TA+ cold foil is the latest in a long line of product launches and upgrades that ensure API stays at the forefront of the market. An example of the company’s three-fold

produced reference book that is updated throughout the year. API’s design team know from industry

experience how valuable such a document is in anticipating the trends of the next two years. The API team apply this same understanding to the product development process: working closely with in-house design teams, from the beginning, to gain familiarity with every facet of a brand and product, ensuring that its essence shines through in the final pack. It is vital that brand enhancement products

represent the latest in foil and laminate technology and for this reason API is continually

approach to pack design, which includes brand knowledge, trend awareness, and use of the latest technologies, is API’s recent work with award-winning SnowFox vodka from the Port Royal Distillers. Incorporated with the premium essence of the brand, the TA cold foil depicts the icy gaze of a Canadian snow fox on the bottle’s shrink label. API has produced a glow- in-the-dark effect that makes the fox’s eyes light up in low-lit areas such as nightclubs, thus attracting customers. Foils and laminates by their nature dazzle us,

but it is only when paired with the latest trends and incorporated with a brand concept that exceptional packaging can be created. That is why API continues to endeavour to produce cutting-edge products, to anticipate new trends and to grasp the notion behind every product and luxury brand it works with.

products, labels, industrial and graphic arts applications. Its speciality label films range is available for PSL facestock applications as well as over-laminations and even IML (in mould label) and WAL (wrap around roll-fed labels). Each film is designed according to labelling application, for either over-lamination or primary print substrate. The labels are suitable for gravure, flexo, offset, UV and in some cases digital printing. They also offer special finishes that capture consumer attention such as: - An extra matte

finish ‘Soft Touch’ with tactile properties, which creates a smooth, soft effect to transmit a luxurious sensation.

28 September 2017

Finishes that offer unique functionalities T

aghleef Industries (Ti) is one of the largest global manufacturers of specialised films for the packaging of food and non-food

- Anti-Scratch films with gloss, matte and

silky-matte finishes that ensure scuff and abrasion resistance. - Anti-Bacterial films provide an extra layer of

protection for hygiene, personal care and infant nutrition products by killing 99.9 per cent of bacteria that comes into contact with the surface. “Many purchasing decisions are made

subconsciously at the shelf. Our innovative films offer safe, sustainable options for a variety of high- quality packaging needs,” says Patrick Desies, chief sales and marketing oficer, Taghleef Industries. Ti’s PSL portfolio is continuously expanding.

One of the newest developments in the PSL portfolio is LSG, a white voided, very high yield facestock film with outstanding whiteness and a gloss appearance. For injection and thermoforming IML films, Ti’s

portfolio includes its high orange peel and ultra- high yield white voided films LIU and LIX, as well as LIM with its satin finish. Metallic look Titanium LTZ and LHZ complete this range, delivering high impact label designs.

LXI ultra-high yield wrap

around white voided label film is a perfect choice for lightweight packaging. Additionally, LUS film for WAL applications dresses up containers with a contemporary matte finish. Low density polyolefin

polymers create a sustainable, floatable solution that minimises impact on PET recycle systems and reduces the weight of the label compared to common shrink sleeve substrates. The shrink curve, in transverse direction (TD), guarantees up to 65 per cent of shrinkage, offering the freedom to fully decorate containers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with the potential for 360-degrees of eye-catching label graphics.

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