Labelling Solutions

Increase in workflow efficiency with digital imaging solution


ne of the leading label manufacturers, The Label Makers, has recently invested in an inkjet imaging film solution from the

Dantex Group, replacing the company’s traditional imagesetter. The Bradford-based firm says that the move will increase its capability in responding to increasing customer demand for advanced embellishment options. The Dantex Star Plate product, which fully

integrates with The Label Makers’ Esko system, is a digital imaging solution designed for direct inkjet to film with the ability to output positive and negative films, whilst offering imaging from solids up to high quality halftone screening. Utilising its analytical engine, Actual Dot, the system analyses and reproduces the dots of the RIPped 1- bit data and enables The Label Makers to output high quality films to produce screen and letterpress plates. Dantex also supplies The Label Makers with Torelief letterpress printing plates. The Star Plate package from Dantex also includes

a CTF 610, a 24-inch wide printer featuring the latest generation of printheads and delivering a 3.5 pico litre minimum droplet. Alongside Star Plate software, the CTF delivers an inkjet to film solution, which works at high speed and produces at a high quality.

The Label Makers’ origination manager,

Robert Norton, says, “We have worked with Dantex for over 20 years and they have an excellent knowledge of the Esko system that we were looking to integrate with. The integration works seamlessly and has the added benefit of enabling jobs to be queued and released when the plate is required, thereby optimising workflow. The Star Plate digital imaging solution was more cost effective than a replacement imagesetter. Additionally, being located in a studio and not having to dispose of chemicals offers a practical, cost and environmental benefit.” Sales director, Kevin Lyons, adds, “Over 30 per cent of our labels have embellishments and so we needed the ability to offer our customers a range of emboss, silk screen and hot foiling options. We have a good presence in the high-end wines and spirits market where we are seeing rapid growth in the super-premium segment — we create a new gin label every three weeks. “Product differentiation remains key for brands, the challenge being to keep one step ahead and to deliver maximum shelf stand-out. An example of this is the recent productions of labels for Asda’s Kakapo wine, where embossing techniques

complemented the allure and quality of the product, thereby maximising consumer appeal. “We operate in a discerning marketplace with

customers who expect the very best. Dantex’s solution completely meets those demands,” concludes Lyons.



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