Aico partners with SECTT for training


ico has partnered with the Scottish Electrical

Charitable Training Trust (SECTT) to deliver Fire Industry Association accredited CPD training to apprentices throughout Scotland. After participating in an Aico

Expert Installer training session delivered to Motherwell college, SECTT training and development manager Barrie Mckay felt the training would be of great benefit to the first- and second- year electrical apprenticeship students that SECTT manages Scotland-wide. Aico regional specification manager for Central Scotland Tony Boyle commented: “Having been through the SECTT apprenticeship training scheme myself, I know first-hand how important it is that apprentices are working with the right products to do the job properly. I’m also looking forward to delivering the training together with my colleagues in Scotland to over 700 students annually knowing that the apprentices attending are the future of the industry.” As Aico are Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) Champions, they will also

David Henderson, assessment centre manager, SECTT (L) and Tony Boyle, regional specification manager, Aico (R)

facilitate mental health awareness sessions for students, delivered by the EIC. The partnership will provide first and second year electrical apprentices with training on alarm selection, siting, installation, standards and legislation and new technologies. Aico alarms have been distributed to SECTT’s assessment centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen to give practical, hands-on training to students.

CED Electrical Group partners Spelsberg


K provider of wiring accessories the CED Electrical Group, now in its 26th year, has partnered leading German

manufacturer Spelsberg, a specialist in electrical installation and enclosure technology. Although longevity differs

between the two companies, there are several key similarities - the main one being that they are both successful family run businesses in markets generally dominated by multi nationals. Both the CED Electrical Group and Spelsberg have a very similar philosophy on providing excellent value for money. Proud to be Spelsberg’s biggest distributor of contractor type junction boxes in the UK, CED stocks and supplies six series of the German manufacturer’s junction boxes, including the renowned A-Box range of outdoor boxes, the Mini 25 series designed for confined spaces, the HP- Box series, the Q-Box range with top cable entry for quick installation, the B-Box series with self-inlet membranes plus the Sd-Box range with a safe opening and closing mechanism.

EICUpdate Movember support

This November is Movember and the Electrical Industries Charity is highlighting some of the most prevalent issues facing men today. The electrical and energy sector consists of 85% men, and on average men are 12 times less likely than women to go see a doctor for both their physical and mental health.

construction industry, sought assistance from the Electrical Industries Charity nearly two years ago. He had worked in the sector for 15 years before being made redundant. Alongside the stress of his redundancy Simon was struggling at home living in an abusive and controlling relationship. Simon and his partner had been married for some years and had three children aged 18,13 and 10. Their relationship had deteriorated, and Simon’s wife had become extremely volatile with Simon. Two of their children struggled with disabilities; the eldest is almost profoundly deaf and the youngest has hip dysplasia. While Simon’s partner claimed numerous benefits for herself and their children, she refused to share this money and Simon was left to survive on a small carer’s allowance. Simon’s sense of self-worth and mental state was at an ultimate low. His partner would demand him to buy food and force Simon to beg her for


hile we oſten think of women as the victim of domestic abuse, 786,000 men every year experience domestic abuse. Simon, a 43-year-old electrician within the

money for food and petrol. Simon had lost all confidence and was belittled, humiliated and abused daily in his own home. Simon approached the charity and ask for help with his dwindling finances, as he struggled to find a job and found his allowance barely enough to cover his essential outgoings. The Electrical Industries Charity awarded Simon a small financial grant to assist him with living expenses. With this grant Simon was able to leave his perpetrator and moved in temporarily with his sister. Simon’s ex-partner had begun to be violent towards their children, and they now live with Simon in his sister’s home while he looks for a new home where they can all finally be safe. Simon is feeling much happier and is positive about a brighter future with his children by his side. The Electrical Industries Charity continue to support Simon and hope he continues along a positive pathway.

The EIC's free and confidential hotline is open 365 days a year, and you can contact the charity support team on or call 0800 652 1618.

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